Pest Control Log Book Template (Free Download)

Pest Control Log Book Template (Free Download)

What a Pest Control Log Book Template Is Used For

A pest control log book is an ongoing record of treatment history and evidence of the effectiveness of the treatments. This document also helps

increase customer trust

in your pest control expertise and professionalism.

Pest Control Log Book Example

A pest control log book includes:

  1. Customer Information

  2. Pest(s) Targeted

  3. Treated Area(s)

  4. Agent(s) Used

  5. Manufacturer's Lot/Batch Number(s)

  6. Application Type

  7. Date of Treatment

  8. Duration of Agent's Efficacy

  9. Possible Adverse Effects

  10. Re-entry Wait Time

  11. Target Date for Reapplication

  12. Customer Comments

Pest Control Log Book Template Download

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pest control log book template

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