Pest Control Company Profile Template (Free Download)

What a Pest Control Company Profile Is Used For

A pest control company profile offers essential information about a pest control business. Customers can learn where the location of the pest control business, what geographic areas the business serves, what services are offered, what types of infestations the business focuses on, and how to get in touch with the company. 

Pest Control Company Profile Example

A pest control company profile includes:

  1. Company name and address

  2. Contact information, such as phone numbers, email addresses, social media links, and website address

  3. Company history, including geographic areas served, founders’ names, and years in operation

  4. Description of the pest control services offered, including the specific types of infestations handled and whether the business helps commercial or residential clients

  5. Information about technicians’ training, accreditation, or degrees held

  6. Listing of regulatory agency certifications and trade associations

  7. Company philosophy or mission statement

Pest Control Company Profile Template Download

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pest control company profile template

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