HVAC Startup Report Template (Free Download)

HVAC Startup Report Template

What an HVAC Startup Report Is Used For

The HVAC startup report is a form that HVAC technicians fill out when testing an installed appliance. These appliances include everything from filters and controls to major industrial-grade air conditioning and heating systems. The report includes information about the rise in temperature, amp readings, and voltage levels. The startup report template is an important HVAC business tool.

HVAC Startup Report Example

An HVAC startup report includes:

  1. Business or Manufacturer Information: Name of business, address, telephone number, email address, and website

  2. Job Information: Job reference number, customer or project name, jobsite address, equipment serial number, location of the unit, and name of the technician

  3. Equipment Data Breakdown: Type of equipment being tested, including electric heat, gas heat, air conditioning and heat pump systems, supply blower, filters, general systems, controls, and other equipment

  4. Follow-Up: Additional comments from the technician, date of service, the signature of service technician

  5. Customer Signature

HVAC Startup Report Template Download

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HVAC Startup Report Template

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