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HVAC Service Ticket Template (Free Download)

HVAC Service Ticket Template (Free Download)

What an HVAC Service Ticket Template Is Used For

An HVAC service ticket template creates a written record of the services completed by an HVAC technician during a call. A service ticket serves as documentation of repairs, the resolution of specific issues, and any recommendations for additional work. Itemized costs for work performed are also listed. Service tickets are assigned a number to track service calls to improve the customer experience.

HVAC Service Ticket Example

General fields for an HVAC service ticket include:

  1. Company name and logo

  2. Service ticket number

  3. Customer information (name, address, phone number, email address)

  4. Technician name

  5. Description of work performed

  6. Equipment details (manufacturer, model number, serial number)

  7. Checklist (compressor, refrigerant, fan and motor, evaporator coil, condenser coil, air filters, duct, thermostat, electrical components, heating assembly)

  8. Materials (quantity, unit price, amount)

  9. Labor (hours, rate, amount)

  10. Total amount and method of payment

  11. Technician recommendations

  12. Date and customer signature

HVAC Service Ticket Template Download

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HVAC Service Ticket Template

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