HVAC Cover Letter Template (Free Download)

HVAC Cover Letter Template

What an HVAC Cover Letter Template Is Used For

An HVAC cover letter introduces an HVAC technician to a future employer, and it normally accompanies a résumé. A cover letter is used during the hiring process to evaluate the HVAC technician’s skills. A cover letter should highlight your unique skills to a specific employer.

HVAC Cover Letter Example

An HVAC cover letter includes:

  1. Name and contact information of the prospective employer

  2. Name and contact information of the applicant

  3. Date

  4. Greeting

  5. Introductory paragraph

  6. Body paragraph summarizing how your professional experience will serve the needs of this particular employer

  7. Concluding paragraph thanking the addressee for reviewing the application

  8. Closing and signature

HVAC Cover Letter Template Download

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HVAC Cover Letter Template

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