Handyman Contract Template (Free Download)

Handyman Contract Template

What a Handyman Contract Template Is Used For

A handyman contract template is an agreement between your handyman business and your client. A handyman contract outlines the project work and costs. Contracts protect both your business and the customer. When a contract is signed, all parties are obligated to uphold the agreement.

Handyman Contract Example

Contracts should detail agreed-upon work by the handyman and the property owner. These details can include:

  • Contact information for both parties

  • Handyman's license information

  • Address where the work will be done

  • Any pertinent permit numbers

  • Location on the property

  • Beginning date and the anticipated ending date

  • If costs include or exclude labor and materials (flat-rate) or if billing is to be itemized

  • If a lien is in place regarding subcontractors related to the project

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Handyman Contract Template

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