Handyman Agreement Template (Free Download)

Handyman Agreement Template

What a Handyman Agreement Template Is Used For

A handyman agreement ensures a clear understanding between the contractor and the client. It is designed to clarify the type of work to be performed, an acceptable time frame, and the expected costs. It serves as a legal and binding agreement. For the protection of both parties, a comprehensive agreement is recommended before beginning any work on a customer's property.

Handyman Agreement Example

Typically, a handyman agreement would include the following information:

1. Your company name and contact information (including logo)

2. Client name and contact information

3. Description of the specific work to be performed

4. Information about permits, licensing, and insurance

5. Cost of services and a payment schedule

6. Limitations of service and disclaimers

7. Warranty information

8. Estimated date of completion

Handyman Agreement Template Download

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Handyman Agreement Template

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