Electrical Safety Checklist Template (Free Download)

What an Electrical Safety Checklist Is Used For

An electrical safety checklist is a vital tool to help trained and licensed electricians determine the safety of a job site or construction site before electrical work begins. The electrical safety checklist gives the electrician specific hazards and risk assessments to identify potential safety concerns on the job site. This checklist can also be used as a tool to create a risk-mitigation plan for electrical safety issues.

Electrical Safety Checklist Example

Most electrical safety checklists will include:

  1. Company name and logo

  2. List of possible risks

  3. Action steps to mitigate or eliminate risks as well as the time frame, tools, and materials needed

  4. Required signatures from all parties, including a statement of acknowledgment of the risks found, the mitigation taken, appropriate dates, and all names of individuals who participated in the electrical safety inspection and mitigation

Electrical Safety Checklist Template Download

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Electrical Safety Checklist Template

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