Electrician Flat-Rate Pricing Template (Free Download)

What an Electrician Flat-Rate Pricing Template Is Used For

An electrician flat-rate pricing simplifies the pricing and payment structures for electrical contractors. A flat-rate pricing structure is more efficient than charging for time and materials, and customers like knowing the upfront costs for a particular service.

Electrician Flat-Rate Pricing Example

An electrician flat-rate pricing document includes:

  1. Customer’s name, physical address, email address, and phone number

  2. Description of the services offered by the electrician with the flat-rate price

  3. List of services needed by the customer and the flat-rate price for each

  4. Total cost for the project, including materials

  5. Date the work will be completed

Electrician Flat-Rate Pricing Template Download

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Electrician Flat-Rate Pricing Template

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