Home Services Productivity in the U.S. [Live updates]

Trades health index

We’ve taken a look at the real-time data across our 70,000+ home service professionals in order to see the impact that COVID-19 has had on the trades industry. “Knowing your numbers” is one of the key differences between successful & thriving home service businesses and those that are struggling or stagnant day to day. We’ll be consistently updating with new data to help companies in the trades make continuously informed decisions for their business.

Jobs Scheduled & Completed by State and Industry

Indexed average scheduled jobs per week

Indexed: 2019 week 2 = 100

Indexed average completed jobs per week

Indexed: 2019 week 2 = 100

We can look at jobs scheduled as a leading indicator of where your industry is headed for the week while jobs completed is a trailing indicator of how much work has been completed. We’ve seen fluctuations in both jobs scheduled and completed depending on industry and state, with industries like carpet cleaning and home cleaning getting hit with larger decreases than heating and air conditioning or landscaping and lawncare.

Key takeaways:

  • We’ve seen a steady decrease in both jobs scheduled and completed over the last few weeks across most industries, however many industries appear to be slowly picking back up
  • The mechanical trades (heating & air conditioning, plumbing, electrical) have shown to be less affected than the cleaning trades (carpet cleaning, home cleaning, window and exterior cleaning)
  • Landscaping & lawncare professionals have stayed consistently busy during these times

Looking at the variance in jobs scheduled and completed since February 17th gives us a good indicator as to which industries in which states have been the most and least affected.

Key takeaways:

  • We’ve still seen the seasonal impact on industries like landscaping and lawn as well as heating and air conditioning, with states going through heat waves experiencing increases in HVAC jobs.
  • We saw large drops from the cleaning industries in the weeks immediately following statewide shutdowns, but the decreases seem to have steadied out.

Cancellations by State and Industry

The map shows an indexed average jobs cancellations by state across the United States while the chart will show the average by state and industry. This metric can be utilized as a leading indicator of jobs being cancelled either due to homeowners or lack of employees/labor.

Key takeaways:

  • We saw a large increase in cancellations during the first two weeks of the outbreak. Cancellation rates have remained fairly consistent since then.
  • We’ve seen the highest cancellation rates across the United States stay consistent with the areas that have been the most impacted by COVID-19.

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