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What is field service management software?

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There’s a good chance you’ve heard about field service management software. But exactly what does this term refer to, and is field service management software applicable in your specific line of work?
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If you work in a home-services industry — and especially if you manage a team of professionals who make house calls — there’s a good chance you’ve heard about field service management software. But exactly what does this term refer to, and is field service management software applicable in your specific line of work?

To help you gain a clearer understanding of what field service management software is and how your business might use it, here’s an overview of everything you need to know about this revolutionary way to streamline your workflow.

What is FSM software used for?

For businesses that make house calls, field service management, often abbreviated as FSM, simply refers to the allocation of off-site resources required to serve customers. FSM comes in many different forms and can include everything from scheduling appointments to dispatching workers to determining the locations of your vehicles. Over the years, FSM has evolved from a rudimentary pencil-and-paper process into a sophisticated set of computer-based tools that leverage the latest technology. These computer programs are collectively known as field service management software.

Computer-based FSM has existed for decades in the form of industry-specific programs, such as 

HVAC software designed especially for HVAC techs in that field. Today, however, the leading FSM platforms are feature-rich, web-based tools that can be customized to suit any type of home-service business. And because these tools live in the cloud and are accessible from any internet-connected device, they make running a home-service business easier than ever before.

What type of businesses use FSM software?

A growing number of home-service businesses use FSM software, including workers in traditional trades such as electricians and carpet cleaners, as well as providers of more-emergent services like solar panel installation and home automation.

Here’s a quick — but far from complete — list of professions that stand to benefit from FSM software:

How does field service management software work?

Different FSM solutions work in different ways, but today’s most popular tools largely revolve around online dashboards and mobile apps. The online dashboards provide business administrators with a bird’s-eye view of a company’s entire operation at any given time. They also allow easy access to nearly every facet of the business within just a couple of clicks. Mobile apps, on the other hand, are generally optimized for workers in the field and provide them all of the information they need about upcoming appointments. These mobile apps also facilitate communication with customers and team members back at the office.

The beauty of today’s FSM tools is that they allow everyone in an organization to instantly and effortlessly access the information they need from wherever they happen to be. But the best field service management software offers far more benefits.

Top benefits of using FSM software

If you’re curious about how field service management software can streamline your operations, here’s a rundown of 10 of the many benefits a modern FSM solution can bring to your home-service business.

  1. Simpler Management: Manage your workforce in the field more effectively — and more effortlessly — than ever before.
  2. An Up-to-Date Dashboard: Access a bird’s-eye view of your entire business anytime and from anywhere.
  3. Speedier Payments: Issue invoices at the touch of a button or instantly collect payment for completed projects.
  4. Simplified Scheduling: Give customers the freedom to schedule appointments online based on your team’s current availability.
  5. Enhanced Appearance: A sleek customer interface lets you appear every bit as professional as the biggest names in your industry.
  6. Empowered Employees: Allow your workers to deliver better service by giving them instant access to customer information.
  7. Improved Customer Communications: Increase customers’ peace of mind by providing them with real-time updates about appointments and ETAs.
  8. Automated Operations: Remove repetitive tasks from your to-do list by automating time-consuming processes.
  9. Reduced Confusion: One central location to view all day-to-day operations ensures every member of your team is always on the same page.
  10. Integrated Information: Import customers, calendars, and accounting information by integrating with other tools you’re already using.

Try Housecall Pro

The advent of field service management software has revolutionized the way businesses that make house calls operate. It is important to choose the right field service management software, as not all FSM software is created equal.

If you’re searching for field service management software to bring your company into the 21st century, Housecall Pro could be exactly what you’re looking for. We offer three tiers of tools and services built specifically with businesses like yours in mind. Our comprehensive packages make it easy — and affordable — for companies in a growing number of industries to operate more efficiently and profitably, than ever before. If you’re ready to experience the difference Housecall Pro can make for your home-service business, start a 14-day free trial today.

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