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We’re working to make it easier for service professionals like you to run your business online and in the field. With features like scheduling, dispatching, GPS tracking, invoicing, credit card processing & more, you can streamline your business and keep your customers coming back again and again.

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Web And Apps Overview
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Schedule & Dispatch

Easily create and edit your schedule from your computer or smartphone. Keep your employees updated with notifications directly to their phone.

Enjoy dynamic, easy to use, drag & drop scheduling to ensure perfect communication between you and your customers. Set recurring jobs, assign teams, and schedule arrival windows. All changes made to jobs will update in real-time across all devices. Your team will be in sync like never before.


Stay in the loop

When it comes to building a reputation for your business, customer service is the most important factor.

The best way to keep your customers coming back is to keep them in the loop throughout the entire job.

Maintain open communication with Custom SMS Notifications.


Automate your payments

Invoicing and estimates

Create, update, and send your customers invoices and estimates from your computer or smartphone.


Get paid faster by taking cash, check, and credit card payments directly in the app.

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Free up cash flow for all of your business needs. Get paid within 30 minutes.

Be where your customers are

Now missing a phone call doesn’t mean missing a job. Let your customers book you online through your website, Facebook, Yelp, and more.

Set the rules

Manage what your employees have access to, because not everything happening in your business is their business.

You decide what jobs your employees see, if they handle payments, if they have access to your customer's personal information, and more.

Locate your team

Take back control of your company with GPS and Time Tracking.

Know when your employees arrive at a jobsite and avoid miscommunications.

Keep up to date on the progress of your jobs.

Quickly see where your employees are and schedule the closest tech to any upcoming jobs.

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Provide the ultimate experience

Housecall Email Marketing

Email marketing automation

Send your customers a reminder email before their scheduled job or thank them for the business after, without having to think about it.

Housecall Postcard Marketing

Postcard marketing automation

Stay top of mind with your customers through automated postcards delivered straight to their doorsteps.

Everything in the toolbox

Work on your business, not in your business with one of the specialty apps we’re integrated with.

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Rated #1 most affordable

Simple Plan

Essentials to get organized and run your business from the field




/mo billed annually

$49/mo billed monthly

Add-on users or features for $20/ea


Schedule, estimate, invoice
Apps for iOS, Android & web
Real-time dispatching
Job SMS & email notifications
Dashboard with business stats
Email invoices and estimates
Email receipts
Default in Housecall app
Directory 10% referral fee
Free for existing customers
2.9% + 30 cents CC processing
Google calendar integration
Email support
No contract, cancel any time

Modern Plan

Deliver exceptional customer service while growing your business

1 - 6



/mo billed annually

$137/mo billed monthly



Live chat support
Unlimited email reminders
Postcard marketing
Online booking for your website
Quickbooks Online integration
Time tracking
Customizable SMS notifications
Pay by text

Advanced Plan

Advanced tools to help you manage your team and track your growth




/mo billed annually

$249/mo billed monthly


Customizable reports
Employee GPS tracking

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