Price with confidence. Protect your margins with Profit Rhino.

Save time and control your profit with HCP’s flat rate price book powered by Profit Rhino.

Control your profit

  • Know exactly how much you’ll make on every job, every time

  • Take the guesswork out of pricing and protect your profit margins

  • Full visibility into industry pricing

  • Stay profitable with updated industry average prices from Profit Rhino

  • Less time spent on pricing and more on your business

Build trust with customers

  • 92% of customers prefer flat rate pricing

  • Ensure you and the homeowner are on the same page with a profitable, flat rate price

  • Offer a transparent, consistent experience every time customers book with you

Empower your technicians

  • Store your price book digitally in Housecall Pro for easy access

  • Take the guesswork out of pricing so your techs can focus on delivering 5-star service

  • Free your techs to perform quality work without the pressure of hourly pricing

Powered by the experts in flat rate.

Take the guesswork out of pricing.

With more than 30 years of industry expertise, Profit Rhino is managed by industry experts and designed to help Pros determine flat rate prices that maximize profit and account for changing material costs.


What is flat rate pricing?

Flat rate pricing means charging a set, upfront cost for a job regardless of the hours spent by your technicians. A single, flat rate price will consider all elements that go into fulfilling a job - such as parts, labor, and overhead expenses - ensuring you have plenty of room for profit.

Why should I use flat rate pricing?

Charging a flat rate price builds trust with your customers because they know they are getting the same price for the same services as their neighbors, regardless of how long the tech takes for the job.

92% of customers prefer flat rate pricing, and customers are more likely to accept a job with a flat rate price over a variable one. 

Provide a transparent, professional experience that’s consistent every time customers book with your business.

What are some additional benefits of flat rate pricing to my business?

Flat rate pricing allows you to empower your technicians. Without having to spend time calculating prices in the field, techs can maximize their efficiency and complete more jobs.

New techs do not have to worry about explaining why jobs are costing your customers more money due to a slower service, while experienced techs won’t bring in less revenue for the same job done faster

Flat rate pricing lets you make more money per job if your techs are skilled and quicker with certain services.

Why do I need price book content for flat rate pricing?

There is a lot of work and analysis involved in successfully setting up flat rate prices. It requires you to know every element of the cost of each job for your business and account for growth and profit. 

Once you know what profit margin makes sense for your business growth, you will have to apply it to every line item of the job.

Price book content is built understanding the current industry numbers and appropriate costs, even those you haven’t thought to account for. 

After you plug in your critical numbers, it allows you to generate the list of services and line items, with your margins incorporated already, and lets you use that list next time you are creating an estimate and scheduling a job.

How does the flat rate pricing work within Housecall Pro?

Housecall Pro has partnered with Profit Rhino to give our Pros access to expertly curated and researched price books directly within the Housecall Pro app. Price book content will include service photos, descriptions, names, labor estimates, and up-to-date materials costs that incorporate your target profit margins. 

You can save time by managing your price book content all in one place and taking advantage of early access to flat rate pricing content before the Profit Rhino partnership is rolled out to all Housecall Pro users.

How do I get my price book content?

When you first get started, our support team will help you calculate and plug your business numbers into the new Profit Rhino tools to generate a report. From there, moving forward, you can update your numbers based on changing materials costs. 

Add on the built-in Profit Rhino price book to your Housecall Pro subscription for an add-on fee of $149/month.

What business numbers do I need to prepare to generate price book content?

Before we help you generate the content, we’d ask you to consider the following to prepare the numbers:

  • What is the total amount you’re spending on each employee per job?

  • How much extra do you need to make on each job to cover rent, marketing, insurance, or supplies?

  • How much room are you giving for profit and business growth?

Our Housecall Pro support team will help you find and calculate the following numbers to generate your price book content, powered by Profit Rhino:

  • Total cost of doing business per week (materials, labor, overhead)

  • Average billed hours per week (typical # of jobs multiplied by the average number of hours spent on a job)

  • Industry-suggested profit margin

  • Your hourly break- even labor rate required to achieve a desired profit margin

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