Plumbing brochure template

A plumbing brochure is to help advertise your plumbing business. Brochures are an efficient marketing tool.

What is a plumbing brochure template used for?

A plumbing brochure template is a document informing potential clients of your company’s plumbing services. It relays details such as contact information, availability, experience, and credentials.

Plumbing brochure example

A plumbing brochure will commonly include the following fields:

1. The business logo and a tagline or headline

2. The company’s name and contact information, including address, phone numbers, website URL, email addresses, social media accounts, and business hours

3. The types of plumbing work the company provides, including specialty plumbing services

4. Plumbing licenses, bonds, and insurance

5. Membership in a trade or business associations

6. Certifications, accomplishments, and awards

7. Guarantees or warranties provided

8. An About Us section briefly describes the company

9. Testimonials from previous clients

10. Discounts or special promotions

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