Plumbing advertising template

Growing your plumbing customer base via advertising is a winning strategy. Make it easy by downloading our plumbing advertisement template today.

What is a plumbing advertising template used for?

The plumbing advertisement template is used to create the text for an advertisement. The template provides consumers with basic information about your plumbing business. This information is important for plumbing companies to market their services online.

Plumbing advertising template example

General required fields of a plumbing advertisement template include:

  • Headline1: contains main keyword users are searching for (e.g. plumber, plumbing, plumbing repairs)
  • Headline 2: attracts clients with a discount offer
  • Display URL: website page URL with appropriate keywords, (e.g. www.[company_name].com/plumbing/bathrooms/emergencyrepairs)
  • Display Phone Number: company phone number
  • Description: defines the value being offered, including details about relevant services (e.g. reliable solutions for all bathroom plumbing problems)
  • Company Name
  • Business Details: company address and other relevant data (e.g. emergency hours)

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