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Know what you're paying

You shouldn’t have to check your statements to see what your fees are.

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Payment Processing

Both Housecall Pro and Square allow you to take payments on the go, allowing you to mobilize your business and take payment in the field.

Housecall Pro’s all-in-one software is built for small home service businesses on the go to manage their business. Users can process payment right from the app, through their built- in processor or bluetooth card reader. You can also text or email your invoice to your customers where they can easily complete their transaction online via credit card payment or ACH.

Square was built for a variety of small businesses to take payment in the office or in the field. They’re best known for their mobile card reader, that plugs into the headphone jack of a smartphone or tablet. This device allows Square customers to collect payment in the field by swiping a card.

What you will get with Housecall Pro

Built-in Mobile Processor

Bluetooth Card Reader

Online Customer Portal



What you will get with Square

Plug-in card swiper

Bluetooth card reader

Square Terminal

Square Register

Benefit of Housecall Pro

Housecall Pro was built for hard working service professionals to run their business, build trust with their customers and process payments.

When you’re running a business every minute is valuable and you can’t waste time bouncing between different platforms, re-entering data, and manually reconciling your transactions. With Housecall Pro you can:

  • - Manage your scheduling

  • - Create estimates

  • - Communicate with your customers

  • - Process payments

  • - Auto-reconcile your transactions with Quickbooks

Your time is important, that’s why we’ve worked hard to make it possible for you to streamline your business from one app.

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