Brand Guidelines

Welcome to our hub for partner guidelines and assets.

By using our brand assets, you indicate your acceptance of our Trademark Usage Guidelines and you understand that a violation of these guidelines will result in the termination of your permission to use our brand assets.

Our Logo

This is our logo, that should be used whenever possible.

Mono Colorways

To ensure maximum legibility, these alternate colorways may be used on dark or busy backgrounds, or when listed alongside multiple other logos.

Spacing Rules

Our logo works best when it has enough room to breathe. Our exclusion zone is equal to the height of the our logo.

Housecall Pro Exclusion Zone

Minimum Size

Establishing a minimum size ensures that the impact and legibility of the logo is not compromised in application. Our logo shouldn't be smaller than 100px in width in digital form, and .75" in width in print.

Housecall Pro Minimum Size PrintHousecall Pro Minimum Size Digital

Trademark Usage Guidelines

These guidelines explain how you must use and visually present our brand assets at all times. Your use of our brand assets indicates your acceptance of these guidelines, and you understand that your use of our brand assets in violation of these guidelines will result in automatic termination of your permission to use our brand assets.

Use of our brand assets must be expressly authorized in writing.

Your use must not mislead consumers as to our sponsorship of, affiliation with or endorsement of your company or your products or services.

Our brand assets are our exclusive property. You will not take any action that is at odds with our rights or ownership of our brand assets. Where used on a web page, our brand assets, as well as the mention of our name, should include embedded hyperlinks to our homepage:, or your unique Housecall Pro partner page.

Our brand assets must be used in a respectful manner. Our brand assets may not be used in a way that harms us, our products or services, or in a manner which, in our opinion, lessens or otherwise damages our reputation or the goodwill in our brand assets. In other words, please do not associate our brand assets with any illicit or illegal activities or use them in a way that is deceptive or harmful.


If you’re feeling unsure about proper use of our logo, it’s always good to ask! Send us an email at