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When pros optimize their online booking platform, they see on average seven more jobs a month. We’ll show you how to audit your existing online booking strategy and platform and suggest simple changes you can make today.  We’ll also show you how to integrate Facebook and Google Local Service Ads to encourage more return customers and new prospects to book online.

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One: Audit Your Online Booking Platform and Strategy

How optimized is your online booking platform and strategy? See how many of the following checkboxes you can mark off.

  • A link to book online is prominently displayed on your homepage

  • Showing at least one price point

  • Using personal pics of your team

  • Adding “Book Online” language to your van/truck wrap

  • Adding a link to online booking on Facebook

  • Mentioning online booking in your voicemail

  • Linking to online booking in your email signature and newsletters

In the following video, Jenelle Nappi, Housecall Pro’s Senior Manager of People Development, explains the four “P’s” of online booking: pricing, pictures, personability, and promotion.

I want you guys to write these down four P's to making your online booking successful. The first one is promotion. This means you have to actually tell your customers, you accept online scheduling. Now, if you don't tell them, they don't know, the next one is personable. I want you guys to think back to when you got into this business and you said, damn it, I can do it better myself. And you are the reason that your business is successful because people connect with people. So you want your online booking to be personable. We'll talk about what that means. Next pictures guys. When's the last time you bought something online without a picture? Exactly. Never. Okay. And last this one is when I get pushed back on and that's okay. We'll talk about it, but pricing. You've got to tell your customers how much, even just one thing on your priceless costs, who's going to buy something online.

If you don't know how much it costs kind of sketchy. Okay. All right. So let's talk about promotion. Let me give you guys some really easy ways to promote your online booking to your customers. The first one you got to get it very easy. Second. This is my favorite absolute favorite tip. Update your voicemail. So how many of you want to think you want you think to a job that you were on and let's say you're carrying something or you're cleaning something and your phone's right here and your phone rings. And your first thought is, Oh, that could be money flying away because I can't get to the phone. Or if I do go answer it, I've got to set this down. And now it's not a great customer experience. But imagine if you set your voicemail to say, Hey, I'm not, I can't answer the phone right now.

I'm out in the field working, but you can go to my website, www dot, and book an appointment. That's convenient for you. In fact, I'll even give you 10% off. If you book online, thanks have a nice day. Guess what I'm doing as a customer. Okay. That sounds easy. It protects you. So you don't have to worry about your phone ringing and you not being able to get to it at any hour. K Nick's posted on Facebook. So if you have online bookie now, how many of you have a Facebook page right now? Great. You have a platform. Let's use it post on Facebook once a week. Just once a week that you now offer online scheduling, you've got to tell your customers they can do it, and we're trying to change their behavior, right? So just once a week, post that next, your email signature.

How many of you send out emails on a daily basis? Does your email signature have your website in it? Good. Tell people to click on it. Go book your appointments, right? So you can put just a little book online, right above your website, and then last your business cards. So the next time you guys go to update your business cards, slap the two words on their book online. Okay. I'm going to show you some examples of some of these. Okay? So the first one is an email signature. So he'd created a little link that says schedule. Now, if you click that goes right to his website. I can schedule whenever I want.

One of our pros who changed his voicemail one day changed his voicemail. One, two, three, four bookings. Not bad for just changing your voicemail after 24 hours. This is another example of a business card. So the next time he goes, your order comes up or you're running a little low. This is an example. Just throw it right above your website. How many of you just ordered business cards? And you're so mad right now.

And then last, this is Cassie. She even has this on her website. She posts this at the bottom of her newsletters as well, letting her customers know that they can book online. You guys have a good rapport with your customers. It's a great opportunity to tell them how modern and advanced your company is. Okay. All right. Yep. That's right. But we're always evolving, right? As humans and as business, we want to grow and develop and evolve. Right? Okay. So let's talk about personable and what that means. First things first, please use real photos. Guys. We can tell when it's a plumber off of Google, that's never plumbed anything in his life and he's just squeaky clean turn in the wrench. We know that's not you. How many of you have pictures in your phone right now? If you do in the work in the field, great. Use them. That's why we love doing business with you because we know who you are. Okay. Second, use your language. Right? So don't try to write these big fancy paragraphs of what things are. I don't know what that means. I just know my toilet's leaking.

And there's last have fun guys. It's not this big, serious thing. That's gonna like be super scary, right? Have fun with it. I'll show you some examples of having fun. So this is John Salvadori God, I love him. He's a restoration company. And these are the pictures that he has on his online booking. Now I would book John just because of how much freaking fun he's having, doing his job. Like he wakes up in the morning and is so pumped to go dry carpets. Right. He has pictures of him and his team. So I know if I see them, I'm like, Hey, I saw you online. Some of you guys probably feel that way about me. You see my face a few times on the website. You're like, Oh, she actually works here. That's cool. So my point is is that you guys are not going to buy something unless there's a picture. In fact, when you see things that say no picture available, you kind of just skip past it. Right? You want the Amazon one where you could see every angle you do the three 60, whatever the hell you're buying. It's like one knife. How many angles could there be? Right. But you love it. Okay. So put pictures on your, on your, on your service list. Next price. How many of you disagree with me right off the bat? That hell no Janell. Well, I put prices online for everyone to see. Raise your hand. It's all good. I still love you. There's a few of you. Okay? We got it out in the open. Now you're not alone. Right? And a lot of you are thinking probably correct me if I'm wrong. I don't want to put my prices out there because my competitor will come in and undercut me. And it's a race to the bottom.

That people who are shopping online, don't go to the cheapest thing that they see. They go near the top because that's where the value is. And I know that it's scary. Okay. I get that. I'm with you. But if you can just bring yourself to put how much a service, how much do you guys charge for a service call? Who does service calls here? Yell it out. So your price we just talked about is going to create transparency. It's going to eliminate haggling. How many of you have customers who haggle the hell out of you when you get to the house? How many of us like that? Yeah. Hands go down except for you. Cause I think you're tired, right? No one likes to be haggled. So by putting a price, just one, you eliminate the haggling that your customer will give you when you get there. Okay. And then last it builds. Trust guys. It's sketchy. When you don't put prices, I don't know what I'm booking. You could come to my house and tell me it's a hundred bucks. My budget was only 80 that's okay. Right. But it doesn't feel good for me when you come. And I'm like, I don't know how much it's going to be. I'm already uncomfortable. Cause you're in my house and I don't know crap about plumbing.

So this picture, this is one of my favorite pictures. And I think because this experience, this is a customer here it's kind of dark. You can't see, but she's opened the door, welcoming the service pro. She knows exactly who he is. She's expecting him. He's smiling. He's engaged in that conversation. You guys ever been a part of those awkward interactions with your customer where they're like, yeah, just come in and right. It's kind of weird. Everybody wants their interactions to be like this. Well, you can get that right. Online. Booking is going to create. Trust is a huge word in your industry. And everyone's trying to figure it out. Online. Booking will create trust with your customers. I can see pictures of you. I know how much you charge. I pick the time and day that you're coming. I've probably talked to you on the phone. because once you get my booking, you're going to call me and confirm instant trust. Okay? So we're going to do a little exercise. Speaking of trust, we're going to look at two websites. So look at your four P's that you wrote down and we're going to go through and vote. If we think that these websites generate trust to their customers. Okay? So the first one is just an HVAC website. So what's the first Pete promotion. Is there anywhere on here that says I can book online or I can do something. There's like a Facebook button kinda make click on that. What's the next one? Personable. Is there anything that says personable on this site? No. What about pictures? There's a picture of a Goodman air conditioning and heating unit. Do I know what that is? So does that mean anything to me?

Right. Okay. And then, and then, oops, sorry. Let's go back. And then what about price? Is there anything about a special or how much a service call cost or anything there? No. So I'm out. I'm going to the next one. Now imagine the next site. It looks like this promotion. Is there anywhere that tells me I can book online or call or what to do? Yes. Up there. Book online, instant online booking. Ooh, I like that. Just like my Amazon. Right. Then what about personable father and son owned and operated. And then they're adorable. Little picture here. Aren't they? The cutest. I know. That's how I feel. Right? You throw some puppies on your homepage. I am definitely doing business with you. Okay. And then they've even went the extra mile and put their awards. Right? If you guys are certified through BBB or Angie's list or you're a super pro slap that stuff on there, it means something to us. It creates trust. Okay. Have I changed? Anybody's mind just a little bit yet. One hand. Oh, okay. I got one. Oh, a couple more. Okay. I'm doing good. All right. So we've got to work on this side of the room. All right.

I will hold your hand. I've done it for many years. Okay. So now, even on the price list here, this is like advanced, he's put pictures of his actual texts on the service items. So that if one of them shows up to my house, you're right. Oh, I saw you on the website. You know, often people say that to me and it feels good, right? Oh, I saw you the website. You actually work here. Cool. Same thing. They'll be more likely to trust you, invite you in their home. And the experience gives them the illusion of control.

Two: Online Booking Integrations With Housecall Pro


Encourage followers to book online directly from your Facebook page. The following video will show you how to connect your Facebook page to Housecall Pro’s online booking platform.

Local Services Ads

We’ve partnered with Google's Local Services Ads to power bookings directly from search results. The next video will show you how to add a schedule button directly in your Google Local Service ad.

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