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Instagram is an underused resource in the trades. It offers great brand-building opportunities, such as visual ways to show off your work and your team and encourage more customer engagement.

We’ll walk you through how to set up a business profile, and look at specific goals and strategies that work well for home service businesses. We’ll also show you examples of what other companies are doing.

One: Setting Up a Business Profile

Get started on Instagram in three easy steps:

  1. Download the app and create a business profile

  2. Add an icon and a bio

  3. Connect your Instagram account to your business Facebook page

We offer more details about these three steps in the following video:

Two: Winning Goals and Strategies for Pros

See better results by choosing a primary goal for your Instagram account and creating a strategy to meet that goal. We’ll walk you through the two main goals for home service accounts and how to create a strategy and drive audience engagement.

Goals and Strategies for Home Service Businesses

In the following video, we look at the two main goals for home service Instagram accounts: creating brand awareness or encouraging direct bookings — and strategies you can use to meet these goals.

We’ve also created templates for Instagram posts that you are free to use and customize for your business. Find out more about them



Driving Engagement

No matter what goal you’ve set for your Instagram platform, audience engagement is a good thing. Learn about how to interact with followers and influencers in the following video.

Three: How to Tell if It’s Working

How can you know if your Instagram account is a success? The following video walks you through Instagram’s profile analytics.

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