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Instagram is an underused resource in the trades. It offers great brand-building opportunities, such as visual ways to show off your work and your team and encourage more customer engagement.

We’ll walk you through how to set up a business profile, and look at specific goals and strategies that work well for home service businesses. We’ll also show you examples of what other companies are doing.

One: Setting Up a Business Profile

Get started on Instagram in three easy steps:

  1. Download the app and create a business profile

  2. Add an icon and a bio

  3. Connect your Instagram account to your business Facebook page

We offer more details about these three steps in the following video:

Hi, my name is Alexa, and this is Mastermind Online. This is the first video on mastering Instagram for your home service business to get started. Let's look at the differences between a professional and a personal account. A professional account comes with useful benefits like connecting to your business's Facebook page and insights into who is engaging with your accounts. Don't worry. If you set up your Instagram account as a personal account to fix this, all you need to do is go into your settings and click switch to business account. As soon as you create a professional account, Instagram will try to connect your account to a Facebook page. Use the prompts to connect your business's page. This makes it easy to post pics and videos that will show up on both accounts. You can also create ads that run in both places. Once you've created a business account.

The next step is to choose an icon. A good starting point is your business logo. If you have a version of it without too many words, otherwise, a picture of you or your team can personalize your business, whatever you choose, make sure it's clean, clear, and well centered details like this that do make a difference. Next step is your bio and this is where you have a chance to stand out your name and photos already tell someone what kind of business you're running. So use your bio to say something about your business that sets you apart, like being a woman or family or veteran owned or using a shortened version of your mission statement or what your guarantee is. And that's it. Now you have an account up and running and ready for you to connect with your customers in a new way.

Two: Winning Goals and Strategies for Pros

See better results by choosing a primary goal for your Instagram account and creating a strategy to meet that goal. We’ll walk you through the two main goals for home service accounts and how to create a strategy and drive audience engagement.

Goals and Strategies for Home Service Businesses

In the following video, we look at the two main goals for home service Instagram accounts: creating brand awareness or encouraging direct bookings — and strategies you can use to meet these goals.

My name is Alexa, and this is Mastermind Online. There are two primary goals for pros using Instagram brand awareness and direct bookings. Deciding why you're on Instagram can help you create a winning strategy for your Instagram account. By sticking with an overarching strategy, you can influence how your profile feels and how people interact with it. It will cover things like the kinds of posts you create and your calls to action. Some strategies to consider include a focus on before and after photos or examples of your finished work, a focus on educational resources, like how to videos and tips of the day, or you could focus on behind the scenes, pics and videos of your team at work and in the office. You can also have different themes that you post on specific days and use similar colors to create consistency across your profile. Once you have an idea of what kind of posts you'd like to create, you'll also need to know what you're going to post.

And how often are your texts going to post when they're out in the field or send pics and videos back to you to post from the office. Do you want to hire an intern or social media assistant, whatever you decide. We recommend planning out posts at least a week in advance. These are some ideas to get you started creating your Instagram strategy. We also recommend checking out other accounts from local businesses and others in your industry to see what you like. And don't like in the next video, we'll talk about how to increase engagement with your posts and tips on partnering up with other businesses.

We’ve also created templates for Instagram posts that you are free to use and customize for your business. Find out more about them



Driving Engagement

No matter what goal you’ve set for your Instagram platform, audience engagement is a good thing. Learn about how to interact with followers and influencers in the following video.

My name is Alexa, and this is Mastermind Online in this video. We're looking at why engagement matters for home service, Instagram accounts, Instagram uses engagement to decide which profiles it shows in searches and in follow recommendations, by encouraging your followers to interact with your profile. You're sending the signal to Instagram that yours is an important account and it's worth recommending to others. So how do you increase engagement? Let's look at some strategies. First of all, connect to influencers because you're a local business. The influences that matter are other local accounts that have a lot of followers and people liking and commenting on their posts. They could be parenting groups or PTs community sports leagues, your local chamber of commerce and other business groups. Once you found these influencers, start interacting with them, like, and comment on their post and tag them in relevant posts of your own.

Then a month later, if you reach out and ask for a collaboration, there'll be more open to saying yes, ask them to share your own posts or offer some sort of dual promotion you can interact with and partner with other local businesses in the same way, feature other businesses in your post and encourage your followers to check them out and follow them. Consider starting a DM group with other local home service businesses, especially those businesses. You're already referring customers to ask these businesses if they want to be included in a message group and what you help each other out by liking and commenting on each other's posts and so on, or do a joint giveaway or community service project that you can feature on social media. Finally make sure to interact with your followers and customers. If they comment on your post, be sure to respond. If you notice someone liking your posts, make sure you like and comment on their posts in return. These are just some of the ways you can increase the engagement on Instagram, as well as Facebook and other social media platforms and build your brand awareness. These are just some of the ways you can increase your engagement on Instagram, as well as Facebook and other social media platforms and build your brand awareness.

Three: How to Tell if It’s Working

How can you know if your Instagram account is a success? The following video walks you through Instagram’s profile analytics.

My name is Alexa, and this is Mastermind Online. In previous videos, we've looked at how to set up a professional Instagram account, how to create an overall Instagram strategy for your business and how to encourage followers to engage with your content. The last step is seeing how well it's working. Your professional account includes access to insights about your followers and how well your content is performing. You'll want to match up your metrics to your goal. For instance, if you're using Instagram to increase brand awareness, you can measure that goal by whether your audience is growing. Do you have more followers than you did last month? And is your content reaching more people? If you're using Instagram to get more direct bookings, you'll want to use your website analytics to see if people are visiting your website through Instagram. Also, be sure to ask everyone how they found you.

Listen for people who mentioned Instagram. Here are some of the other metrics that you can watch using Instagram to learn more about your followers. And if you're reaching the right people under the audience tab, you can see where your audience lives. You can use this information to make sure you are reaching people local to you. You can also see if there's a specific area nearby, where you should market your services at the bottom. See what day of the week and what time people are viewing your posts that will tell you when it's an optimal time to add new content under the activity tab interactions, data can tell you how many times someone visited your profile from a post, which means they want more information about your business. And how many times someone visited your website through your profile. If this number is growing month after month, it'll tell you that you're growing your brand and attracting people to your business. Under the content tab, you can see which posts were most popular. This lets you know, what kind of posts you should create more of as you start creating stories and promoting posts, you'll have even more data to analyze, engage your return on investment. Instagram is a great way to show people how your business is different from your competitors. And by paying attention to these metrics, you can improve your Instagram strategy in no time.

Do It With Housecall Pro

Using Housecall Pro, you can easily integrate online booking with your social accounts. Read the article below to learn how you can easily add the online booking link to your Instagram bio and send customers over with one click:

How to add a link to your online booking page on your Instagram profile

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