How to Leverage Your Top Pros Nomination

How to Leverage Your Top Pros Nomination

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Posted by Kindra K.

September 13, 2019

Congratulations, you’ve been nominated for Housecall Pro’s Top Pros list! Nominations are awarded to less than 5% of home service pros in North America so you should be sharing your good news with your current and prospective customers.

Awards can be a great way to increase awareness of your business and drive more sales. The opportunity to receive publicity will prove to be invaluable for skyrocketing your success.

It’s fun to beat your competitors and get your work validated. Paired with the right promotional strategy, new customers may come knocking when they hear the buzz about your company’s success.

This article will give you actionable steps to best leverage this Top Pros nomination!

Top Nominated Pros 1

Why a Top Pros Nomination Matters

A Top Pros nomination presents a unique marketing opportunity because you’re not the one saying that you’re the best, your customers are. This adds credibility and trust to your claims. You can now leverage these claims to help you achieve some pretty awesome goals.

Get New Business

This nomination identifies you as the best pro in your area, instantly placing you above the competition. Customers are more likely to trust you and even pay more for your services because they feel as if they are taking less of a risk choosing a “Top Pro.”

Attract Top Talent

Finding quality employees is nearly impossible and can be draining on your time and energy. The competition for experienced, competent techs is high so having a distinct qualifier to distinguish you is invaluable. You can use your Top Pros nomination to show applicants that if they come to work for you, they can learn from the best.

Motivate Your Employees

This nomination is something for your team to be proud of. Receiving recognition for their hard work and dedication isn’t something to take lightly. Use this nomination as an opportunity to celebrate your team.

Top Nominated Pros: Patrick Goodman

What to do Next

Now that you’ve accepted your nomination, it’s time to leverage its full potential. There are a few strategies you can use to help drive awareness about the success your company has achieved.

Publish a Press Release

Something that’s quick and easy to do is publish a press release. You can send it to your local news outlets, post it on your company blog, and share it on social media. The key to a good press release is keeping it short and to the point.

Use this

free press release

to spread the word about your Top Pros nomination.

Add the Badge to Your Website

An effective way to show off your new nomination is to add the Top Pros badge to your website. By embedding some simple html code, you can easily display your pride for your new nomination and show it to all your customers.  

Send this

free html code

to your web developer to have them add it to your website for you. If you use a type of website builder, like Wix or Wordpress, you can chat into their support to easily find out how to do it yourself.

Post on Social Media

Posting a thank you post on your social accounts can easily inform your customers of your newly attained elite status. There are free digital assets for you to use to add to your posts, which you can download here.

Also, take advantage of these

free Canva templates

you can utilize to create professional posts for social media with the Top Pros badge. 

Send an Email to Your Customers

Take advantage of your customer email list and send out a message informing your clients of your nomination. This will help keep you top of mind so you can continue to earn repeat business and earn more referrals. Who wouldn’t refer the voted

Top Pro

in their area?

Update Your Job Listings

Finding top talent is always a challenge. This nomination is a great way to attract the best employees because they now have an opportunity to work for the best company, you! People like being on the winning team so it’s important to express to applicants that that’s exactly what you are.

Top Nominated Pros 2

Key Takeaways

Earning a Top Pros nomination is extremely rare and it’s important that you take advantage of this opportunity to earn new customers, keep old ones, and attract new talent. The benefits are truly endless as long as you put in some time to spread the word about your nomination.

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