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Online Booking Services

September 10, 2016 • What's New: Online Services Booking Do more with the online booking widget for your website! Let customers select the exact service they need. In-App Company Setup & Customer Import from Contacts Edit your company information and import customers from your phone's address book. Online Services Booking Now you can give your customers a list of your services to select from when online booking! You will be able to choose which of your services clients are able to see. Then, they can pick exactly what they need from the list you choose. They will also be able to see the cost of the service when they scheduling a job.  If you would prefer not to allow your clients to see services and prices, not to worry, you can leave it how it is. Either way, your customers will still be able to add notes to their online booking requests. This is just adding the option for you to display services and prices and make it even more convenient for your customers! What's New on iPhone: In-App Company Setup & Customer Import from Contacts We just added the ability to add your logo and set your tax rates, all from your phone. We are working on adding more functionality to the app so you can run and grow your business on the go. You also now have a new way to import customers - from your phone's address book. Build up your customer database by adding your contacts with just the push of a button. Sneak peek: Android users, these features are coming to a phone near you very soon! Questions about New Features or Need Help? Chat with the Customer Success team in your web portal (through the blue bubble on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen), or email pro@tryhousecall.com.

Kindra K., Marketing Coordinator

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Custom Dashboard Reports

June 19, 2016 • Run reports to dive deeper into your business' numbers. Understand how your company is performing at all times, based on the statistics that matter to you. If you are currently on the 'Manage' plan with HouseCall Pro, you will be able to create custom dashboard reports. To create a report, click on the  '+add your own' box on the main dashboard. You will then be directed to your full reports page where you can start customizing your own: 1. Select the table columns that you would like to see on the report screen by clicking on the 'Table columns' tab. You can select as many or as few items from the drop-down menu as you like.    2. Select a column that you wish to sort your data on. By clicking on a first row column title, you will see a red arrow appear, which will sort that column in ascending or descending order. A third click will turn off the sort function for that column.    3. Select your filters by clicking on the 'funnel' icon next to the column title (a red funnel icon indicates that the filter for that column is on). Depending on the column you chose, a small window will appear allowing you to refine ranges and values that you would like to see. You can filter on multiple columns for the same report.    4. Once you have sorted and filtered your information the way you like, name your report in the top-left entry bar and then click the green 'Save' button on the top-right of the report screen. You will now be able to access the report on your main dashboard. You can create, edit, and update any report on the dashboard. For your convenience, all of your named reports will appear as tabs across the top ribbon of the reports page. The custom dashboard reports feature is only available to customers subscribed to the 'Manage' plan. Questions about New Features or Need Help? Chat with the Customer Success team in your web portal (through the blue bubble on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen), or email pro@tryhousecall.com.

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Custom dashboard reports

Customer, Invoicing and Payments Updates

April 17, 2016 • Sub-Customer (Parent and Billable)  Do you do commercial work? Need to bill one contact for service at another address? The new sub-customer feature is for you. Attachments on Invoices Add attachments to your invoices. Send customers everything they need in just one email. Partial Payments on Receipts Do you accept partial payments? Now the system supports that. Sub-Customer (Parent and Billable)  You can now designate different billable customers to jobs. The feature can be accessed from the 'add customer' or 'edit customer' windows on the web portal. The parent customer (billable customer) needs to be an already existing customer in your list. To assign the billable customer, simply begin typing the customer name in the field and select from the drop-down list. On any main job screen, you can locate the billable address under the customer contact information box in the upper-left hand corner. Additionally you will be able to find parent and sub-customer roles on each corresponding customer page. If you would like to remove or replace a billable customer, you can simply click on the 'x' above the customer name and either enter a new billable customer or leave the field blank.  Attachments on Invoices Attachments can now be added to invoices. It is important to note that attachments must first be added to a job in order to include them on the invoice corresponding to that job. Once you have attached your file(s) to your job, click on the invoice button and select the 'Attachment' button on the lower left-hand corner of the window. This will open up a new window allowing you to select which attachment you would like to add to the invoice.  Partial Payments on Receipts Partial payments collected on any job will now show up with their corresponding details on receipts. With this feature, you can keep track of amounts, dates, and times for every partial payment working up to payment completion. After every partial payment is received, the outstanding balance will adjust automatically.

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Quickbooks and Multi-Jobs Updates

April 10, 2016 • Ten years ago, father and son duo, Don and Grant Schoenberger, set out with the mission of running a customer-focused plumbing business. From their own consumer experiences, they felt there was a problem in the service industry, where professionals were more highly trained in boosting sales than skilled in their actual field. They decided to base their business model on one simple principle... “If you treat people well, and are honest with them, and do quality work, then they’ll keep calling, and they’ll tell their friends about you.” Nearly a decade later, they’ve grown Core Plumbing San Diego from a small family business to an eight man operation. It has become one of the most trusted plumbing companies in San Diego County. So, what’s their secret? The two pillars of their successful growth are creating efficient processes, and building strong customer relationships. Let’s take a look at what Grant has to say: Build Strong Connections With Your Customers Grant and his father have worked hard to establish a reputation in the community as a family-run business that provides reliable, high-quality work. Yet, even now, they actively work to connect with customers and develop a sense of trust. After scheduling an appointment, they send a reminder email immediately after the initial phone call, as well as a confirmation the day before their appointment. Next, they notify their customers when a technician is on the way. Grant says, “When we show up to their door, they already know who we are, they’re expecting us, and we’ve totally broken the stereotype of the plumber who doesn’t show up, or will be there tomorrow between 8am and midnight.” These touch points keep the customers feeling in the loop, and keep Core Plumbing on the top of their customers' minds. They also follow up with their customers via emails and postcards, thanking them for their business and checking up on the level of service provided, in order to ensure that customers are satisfied with their experience. By building this level of connection with their customers, Core Plumbing virtually guarantees repeat business, as well as referrals. Grow Efficiently All of that customer communication, while critical, takes a lot of time. How does Grant manage? Automate it! Grant uses automated emails, scheduled to go out before and after jobs, in order to establish points of contact with every customer without being drowned in a schedule of phone calls. He says this is an extremely simple way to make people happy, and feel valued. According to Grant, Core Plumbing has also embraced digitization in other aspects of their business, in order to keep things running smoothly. At first, his time was consumed by scheduling, invoicing, and organizing. “We just had shelves and racks and bins, full of nothing but forms and receipts and invoices.” As they grew, he realized this was not a practical way to continue growing, and in order to make time for marketing efforts and customers, they made the switch to paperless in order to maximize efficiency. By making customer satisfaction their utmost priority, and doing it as efficiently as possible, Core Plumbing has been able to quadruple their business since opening their doors, and establish a phenomenal reputation for themselves.

Matt B., Marketing Coordinator