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Christy B, Product Manager

Apr 3, 2018 @ 10:08PM

November 2018

- Launched Recurring Service Agreements to all users- Added ability to add multiple phone numbers to a customer- Added ability to link existing jobs to a service agreement- Bug fix: Updated all instances where indefinite service agreements were showing as 5 years - Added ability to see available subscription credits- Added ability to see service agreement report if the feature has been added to plan- Bug fix: Service agreements not loading for users on Internet Explorer on Windows 10 - Added ability to edit the subject line when emailing individual estimates and invoices - Bug fix: Instant Payouts list not loading- Added ability to try failed Instant Payouts on the My Money and Payouts page - Added ability to add tax rates to a service agreement- Bug fix: Job details page not loading for some users on Safari and Edge internet browsers- Added ability to add and edit additional emails on app (Android)- Added ability to add and edit additional phone numbers on the app (Android)- Added ability to restore deleted jobs

October 2018

- Added ability to create an indefinite plan- Added ability to delete existing agreements- Added ability to cancel existing agreements- Added ability to filter agreements by status and type of plan- Added email notification for both Pro and customer when agreement is accepted - Bug fix: Disallowed clicking multiple times on save job to prevent duplicate jobs from being created- Added ability to see that a job is part of a service agreement on iOS and Android apps- Added ability to see that a customer's address has a service agreement on iOS and Android apps- Bug fix: 'Indefinite' service agreement plans were showing as 5 years- Updated add customer flow for new accounts- Bug fix: Prefilled business hour options in setup flow

September 2018

- Added ability to filter jobs by schedule date on customer details page- Added lifetime value of customer - Added license number to the bottom of the invoice- Launched Alpha test of service agreements

August 2018

- Added security notifications when account information is updated- Added ability to choose payment speed settings on iOS and Android- Added ability to download .csv file of report directly from dashboard - Bug fix: Removed phantom QBO errors from appearing- Launched new customer details page. Open for beta testing until August 30th.- Added ability to see event notes on iOS and Android- Added ability to copy existing attachments to a new segment or job- Added ability to link a customer to a task- Added ability to select which columns show up on the jobs and history table

July 2018

7/25/2018- Added ability to text invoices from mobile apps- Added ability to customize message when emailing an invoice from mobile app 7/23/2018- Added ability for Superpros to use ACH 7/20/2018- Added ability to see event notes on Android app- Added ability to send a preview of an email campaign email 7/11/2018- Added ability to restore cancelled jobs7/2/2018- Updated look and feel of invoice settings 

June 2018

6/29/2018 - Added ability to filter customer list by tags 6/28/2018- Added ability to assign and view tasks on mobile apps 6/27/2018- Updated look and feel of invoice settings  6/20/2018- Added My Money page and ability to view pending credit card transactions 6/19/2018Bug Fix: Removed ability to pay online for jobs that have been cancelled or deleted 6/15/2018- Updated log in page 6/8/2018- Added auto-save function on tasks 6/5/2018Bug Fix: Duplicate tags preventing estimates to be converted

May 2018

5/30/2018- Launched Instapay to all users 5/25/2018- Added task feature 5/23/2018- Bug fix: updated performance of recurring jobs 5/22/2018- Add ability to add and view attachments from mobile app 5/9/2018- Add ability to see cancelled jobs in customer history5/8/2018Bug fix: Credit card fee correction in exported reportsBug fix: Updated employee permissions5/6/2018: - Add ability to add attachments on customer records5/5/2018- Add ability to drag and drop reports on dashboard5/1/2018- Add ability to print estimates from Android app

April 2018

4/26/2018- Beta release of Instapay for Superpros- Add ability for users to sync an invoice from HCP to QBO4/19/2018 - Beta release for InstaPay to select users- Add ability to dismiss QBO errors4/18/2018- Add ability to sync invoices from HCP to QBO4/17/2018Bug fix: Displaying previous date on invoices 4/13/18- Add ability for users to pull a payment from Quickbooks Online- Add ability for users self serve and add individual features4/12/2018Bug fix: Email display issues on email preview receipts4/11/2018 Bug fix: Uploading blank photos on iOS4/5/2018- Add ability to view sent and received jobs and accept or deny a job within the app4/3/2018Bug fix: invoices sent from mobile will recognize "pay online" option selected from web portal

March 2018

3/29/18- Add ability to pull payment from Quickbooks Online- Populate customer name when adding a new customer in if they don't exist in the customer list 3/16/18- New add job beta released for users to testIncludes: view tags and customer details while scheduling, ability to add discount when creating invoice3/15/18- Updated invoice due and receipt emails that are sent to customersBug fix: remove materials from invoice if they aren't being used 3/13/18- Add ability to mark job paid locally in HCP without pushing payment to QBO 3/9/18- Customers can now tip when sent an invoice via text message or email3/8/18- Match employee color on web portal and iPhone3/6/18- Match employee color on web portal and Android3/2/18- Restrict customer list export to admin users3/1/18- Allow Housecall Customer App users to receive email invoices in iOS and Android- Display invoice status on Android

February 2018

2/26/18- Access blue chat bubble from Android app- Send receipt email when enrolling in a plan- Add ability to sort customer list2/13/18- Choose which columns display on customer list2/6/18- New add customer dialog- Customer list toolbar update2/5/18- Mark all messages read on iOS- Bug fix: invoices sent from iPhone now show saved due text instead of "due upon receipt"2/2/18- Mark all messages read on Android

January 2018

1/26/18- Add bank for payouts by logging in with online banking credentials1/24/18- Undo changes to line items on the job details page1/19/18- Change billing to sign up date for new users instead of first of the month1/15/18- New customer list layout- Import customer list and connect to Quickbooks Online during sign up process1/10/18- Access blue chat bubble from iPhone app- Bug fix: invoice email subject line was showing with USD for Canadian pros1/3/18- Bug fix: message on invoice preview on the job details page now wraps correctly

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