The ABCs of Marketing

The ABCs of Marketing

Kindra K., Marketing Coordinator

ABC, it’s easy as 123! Marketing, just like the alphabet, is complex, but can be broken down into chunks that make it easier to understand. Start by learning the building blocks of marketing. Soon enough you’ll become a master at growing your business!

There are many more ways to market your business than there are letters. Below we’ll go over the different types of marketing to give you lots of new ideas for how you can promote your services.

Types of Marketing

For this lesson, we’ll focus on direct marketing, which is everything you can do to find new business, including:

Direct advertising

  • Google display: Google places ads on different websites

  • Google search: Paid search ads, not to be confused with organic SEO

  • AdRoll retargeting: Advertise to people who have visited your website while they surf the

  • Internet (these are those ads that seem to follow you everywhere you go!)

  • Print: Paid ads in a newspaper, magazine, or other print media

Advertising on listings and directories

Social networking

  • Engagement: Connecting with customers and potential clients by posting interesting content and engaging in conversations

  • Advertising: Paid ads on social media channels, such as Facebook

Communication & outreach

  • Public relations: Editorial coverage in the press, meaning you must provide a story interesting enough to gain media interest

  • Email marketing: A free, easy way to reach people

  • Direct mail: Sending postcards or letters to advertise your business

  • EDDM: A way to send direct mail to every house in


    a desired



  • SMS: Text messages are an emerging marketing channel because they are opened far more often than emails or direct mail


  • Radio: Running an audio commercial on a local radio station

  • TV: A costly, yet effective way to get your message out to a wide audience

  • Billboards: Requires a high budget, difficult to track, but can allow you to reach many new eyes

  • Podcasts: A budget-friendly way to reach a more niche audience

Hopefully, you are now inspired to try a new method for finding new customers. Now that we’ve covered the different ways you can expand your business, we’ll learn the ABCs! These are essential elements that you want to be sure to include in all your marketing campaigns.

ABCs of Marketing

A- ttention-Grabbing: However you choose to market your business, make sure you succeed in grabbing your audience’s attention. Think outside the box to set your campaigns apart from the competition. One way to grab attention is to make sure your marketing efforts appeal to your audience. Create a marketing person to really get inside the mind of your ideal customers. You can even ask some of your existing customers for their opinions when you are creating marketing materials to gain valuable feedback about how your target customer thinks.

B- randing: What is a brand? It’s goes far beyond just a logo. Building a powerful brand allows you to create an emotional connection with customers. Imagine the emotion you want customers to associate with your brand. Channel that feeling in all of your marketing campaigns. For more tips on branding and how emotional branding can allow you to charge 200% more than competitors, check out this blog post.

C- all-to-Action: What do you want people to do after they are exposed to your marketing campaign? Make sure the action you want them to take is clearly conveyed. It is pointless to invest in marketing if you forget to include a call-to-action. Stir people to take action by using action verbs in phrases such as “call today” or “book now!”

Remember your ABCs to ensure the success of your marketing!


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