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Sneur Shapiro - City's Finest Carpet Care

Kindra K, Marketing Coordinator

Mar 9, 2018 @ 9:57PM

Sneur Shapiro owns City's Finest Carpet Care in San Diego, CA. He found that his biggest pain points in running his business were struggling to stay organized and having to do so much paperwork at the end of the day. Before using Housecall Pro he was balancing out 5 different tools just to run his scheduling and dispatching. Now everything is in the app in one place, making his life much easier.

Having the ability to schedule jobs without having to talk to the customer is a big win for him. They're able to see the availability, pick the service, and pick the time slot, without Sneur having to sell it to them. He's able to find more jobs without having to spend more money on advertising. 

As a business owner, he works for himself and while it has it's ups and downs the largest upside is the freedom he gets and Housecall Pro helps give him the freedom to run his business better. Check out the video below to hear about Sneur's experience with Housecall Pro and click here to sign up for a demo.

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