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Send Invoice - Mobile

Kindra K, Marketing Coordinator

Jul 20, 2018 @ 10:31PM

We're introducing a new "Send Invoice" screen on the Housecall Pro app, for both technicians and admins. This will give you and your team access to more options and settings that are available on the web portal.  It's currently available to all Android users. If you're using an iPhone, this feature will be available to you later this week. 

Invoice Settings - Field Techs

Send invoice - field tech (payments enabled)

If your company allows customers to pay their invoices online by default, your field techs will have the ability to send an invoice by text from their phone or tablet. If not, they will only be allowed to send invoices by email.

Invoice Settings - Admins

Send invoice - admin

As an admin, you're not only able to send an invoice by text or email, you'll also be able to edit the message that is included in the email, and choose whether or not to allow online payment on the invoice. Please note: to send an invoice by text, your settings to allow payment by credit cards must be turned on. 

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