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Kindra K, Marketing Coordinator

Sep 17, 2017 @ 5:48PM
New Job Details

You may have noticed the switch at the top of the job details page allowing you to turn on the new design. The new design isn’t only faster and more streamlined, but has added features that help you save time when creating a job. The switch will be available for only a short while longer before the new design completely replaces the old one so be sure to start using the new design today. 


Autosave changes

There is no longer a need to hit the save button with the new job details redesign. The information will save as you enter it. Just type the name of a line item and it is instantly saved to the invoice. Start typing a note and it will save as you type. The autosave feature is only available with the new job details mode. 

Zillow on Web Portal

Zillow on Web Portal

The new job details redesign allows you to quickly view the price, bedrooms, bathrooms, and square footage of the job location. The information can be see on the customer information section and when viewing the customer address street view in full-screen mode. 

Drag & Drop Line Items

Drag and drop line items

The new job details redesign allows you to drag and drop the order of line items on the line item section. This allows you to rearrange your services or materials within each section.

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