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Online Booking Services

Kindra K, Marketing Coordinator

Sep 10, 2016 @ 7:29PM

What's New:

Online Services Booking Do more with the online booking widget for your website! Let customers select the exact service they need.

In-App Company Setup & Customer Import from Contacts Edit your company information and import customers from your phone's address book.

Online Services Booking

Online services booking on Housecall Pro How to setup online services booking on Housecall Pro

Now you can give your customers a list of your services to select from when online booking! You will be able to choose which of your services clients are able to see. Then, they can pick exactly what they need from the list you choose. They will also be able to see the cost of the service when they scheduling a job. 

If you would prefer not to allow your clients to see services and prices, not to worry, you can leave it how it is. Either way, your customers will still be able to add notes to their online booking requests. This is just adding the option for you to display services and prices and make it even more convenient for your customers!

What's New on iPhone:

In-App Company Setup & Customer Import from Contacts

In-app company setup & customer import on Housecall Pro

We just added the ability to add your logo and set your tax rates, all from your phone. We are working on adding more functionality to the app so you can run and grow your business on the go.

You also now have a new way to import customers - from your phone's address book. Build up your customer database by adding your contacts with just the push of a button.

Sneak peek: Android users, these features are coming to a phone near you very soon!

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