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Tipping and iPhone Updates

Kindra K, Marketing Coordinator

Oct 30, 2016 @ 6:22PM
Clean Extreme tipping example on Housecall Pro

Our tipping feature is now live on both Android and iPhone. To enable the feature, you must first navigate to the 'Company' tab in your web portal settings. Once there, locate the 'Tipping' section and flip the switch on. This will allow your company to receive tips with credit card payments.

$10 tip on Housecall Pro app

Once the tipping setting has been enabled, your customer will be able to add a tip during their payment process. The tipping feature will come up through credit card payments, and your customer will be able to select from 10%, 15%, 20%, no tip, and custom tip choices. Once the customer selects the tip amount, they simply sign and select 'Done Signing' to complete the transaction. To make sure the tipping feature is ready, please update your HouseCall Pro app and refresh the application. 

What's New on iPhone

Dashboard and Create Invoice

Clean Extreme invoice on Housecall Pro

The new dashboard feature will allow you to see your collected and uncollected invoices, job activity graph along with scheduled job count/amount, and created/won estimates at a glance. From the dashboard screen, you can click on each respective section to access details for invoices, jobs, and estimates. 

We have also made it so that you can create invoices directly without having a previously scheduled job. To create an invoice on-the-fly, click the 'invoices' section on the dashboard and then the '+' sign at the top right. You will then be able send the invoice directly. 

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