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Arrival Windows and Payments Updates

Matt B, Marketing Coordinator

Nov 22, 2015 @ 10:14PM

Arrival Windows Introducing arrival windows to the web portal! Let your customers know you'll arrive within a certain time frame, instead of at a specific time.

Partial Payments & Payment History

Charge your customers with only one part of a payment and then collect the rest later. Then see how much they still owe you so you can bill another partial payment or the entire remaining balance.

Arrival Windows (aka Time Windows, aka Service Windows, aka Time Slots)

You can now set an Arrival Window on the web portal. This will change what your customers will see as the time you are scheduled to arrive. For example, if you have a 2hr window for a job at 10am, the email and messages to your customer will say the tech is "scheduled to arrive between 10am-12pm."

Arrival window view on Housecall Pro

When creating a job on the web portal, you will fill out the usual information and schedule the job normally. Before you click 'create job,' locate the 'arrival window' icon. Clicking the 'arrival window' icon will open up a new window which will let you select the arrival window time period.

You will also have the ability to set the arrival window as a default.

Set arrival view as default Housecall Pro

**Note** Display of the Arrival Window on the Pro app (what you and your techs will see) is coming within about a week. Just need to get it approved through the app stores.

Partial Payments & Payment History

Partial payments & payment history w/o green box on Housecall Pro

After you click on the 'Payment' button on the main job screen and select the 'Next' button in the top right-hand corner, you will be directed to a screen that lets you change the partial payment amount. Simply click on the white section under the 'Amount' label and enter in the partial value. Under that section you can type a payment note to remind you of partial payment details. Once you are done setting the partial payment amount and notes, click 'Next.'

Partial payments & payment history on Housecall Pro

When you are ready to accept another payment on the original partially paid job, simply open the job up and click on the 'Payment' tab on the main screen. You will now see a 'payment history' section (in green above) which will show you how much payment has been received and let you read the partial payment notes. Once you click on 'Next' in the upper right hand corner, the remaining balance for the job will appear. From here, you can either set another partial payment, or charge the remaining due amount.

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