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Employee Timecards Update

Kindra K, Marketing Coordinator

May 28, 2017 @ 12:25AM
Employee Timecards

Your employees will now be able to see their weekly hours worked from the HouseCall Pro app. The timecard is displayed to the right of the clock in/out meter at the top of the screen. Your employees will be able to click into the timecard to see clock in/out details for that week. 

Timecard Editing

timecard editing

Should any changes need to be made on employee hours, the company admin can now edit clock in/out entries from the web portal. To access the editing window, click on the time tracking report on the web portal dashboard. From there, you can click into any day you wish for each employee and add, edit, or delete time entries. You can also mark employee hours as paid by clicking on the dollar icon on the edit window. These edits will update across all corresponding devices in real-time.

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