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Job Time Tracking, Zillow & Contacts

Kindra K, Marketing Coordinator

Mar 19, 2017 @ 5:45PM
Screenshot of the time tracking process

Job Time Tracking is a feature that keeps track of travel time, on job duration, and total time duration of any given job. The time duration will show up in the left-side job process panel (shown above) and will also be accessible through the reporting table columns so you can isolate durations for custom dashboard reports. Custom dashboard is only available on the 'Manage' plan. 

Zillow Zestimates

Screenshot of customers home using Zillow Zestimates

The new Zestimate feature will allow you to see customer home estimated price, bedroom and bathroom count, and square footage. You will also be able to see when the house was built for industry context. The Zestimate feature automatically displays on the customer screen, job/estimate screen, and Google Street View. This feature is available on both iPhone and Android devices. 

Company Point of Contact

Screenshot of point of contact page on Housecall Pro app

You can now designate a company point of contact for your business. The point of contact switch will route all incoming customer text messages to that staff member. This makes it so you can have a designated responding party for any customer messages. The switch can be found in the employee profile screen under the 'Permissions' section. You can only have one point of contact per company and the feature is only available if you have activated the 'Custom SMS Number' feature and have a phone number selected. The 'Custom SMS Number' feature is only available for 'Grow' and 'Manage' plans.

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