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Custom Dashboard Reports

Kindra K, Marketing Coordinator

Jun 19, 2016 @ 8:58PM

Run reports to dive deeper into your business' numbers. Understand how your company is performing at all times, based on the statistics that matter to you.

Customize dashboard

If you are currently on the 'Manage' plan with HouseCall Pro, you will be able to create custom dashboard reports. To create a report, click on the  '+add your own' box on the main dashboard. You will then be directed to your full reports page where you can start customizing your own:

1. Select the table columns that you would like to see on the report screen by clicking on the 'Table columns' tab. You can select as many or as few items from the drop-down menu as you like.    2. Select a column that you wish to sort your data on. By clicking on a first row column title, you will see a red arrow appear, which will sort that column in ascending or descending order. A third click will turn off the sort function for that column.    3. Select your filters by clicking on the 'funnel' icon next to the column title (a red funnel icon indicates that the filter for that column is on). Depending on the column you chose, a small window will appear allowing you to refine ranges and values that you would like to see. You can filter on multiple columns for the same report.    4. Once you have sorted and filtered your information the way you like, name your report in the top-left entry bar and then click the green 'Save' button on the top-right of the report screen. You will now be able to access the report on your main dashboard.

Custom dashboard reports

You can create, edit, and update any report on the dashboard. For your convenience, all of your named reports will appear as tabs across the top ribbon of the reports page. The custom dashboard reports feature is only available to customers subscribed to the 'Manage' plan.

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