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Calendar and New Features

Matt B, Marketing Coordinator

Dec 20, 2015 @ 12:03AM

Customizable Calendar Quick-Views Need to quickly access specific information from your calendar? Customize exactly what you see when you hover over jobs to help you save time.

In-App Arrival Windows Rather than telling customers you'll arrive at an exact time, now you can set arrival windows in the mobile app. Give yourself leeway between jobs and set it up without ever being in front of a computer.

Customizable Calendar Quick-Views

Calendar quick-views now allow you to customize what you can see when you look at your jobs on the schedule screen. When you hover over a job, you will see an overlay that allows you to check off what you want to see on the calendar item by default. You can select to see customer name, job description, job charge amount, customer address, city/state, zip code, and arrival window. 

This customization allows you to optimize job scheduling for your specific business needs. All jobs scheduled will reflect the viewable details that you set up on the quick-view selection. 

Arrival Windows

Arrival Windows

You can now assign arrival windows from the job scheduling screen on your iPhone or Android device. Simply navigate to the 'Arrival Window' tab in the job scheduling section and select the tab. You will be directed to a screen where you can select your arrival window for that job and preview what it will look like to your customer in the top section. You can also set arrival windows from the web portal.

Mobile Job Feed Scrolling  You can now infinitely scroll through and view all future and past jobs from your mobile device. This is great if you need to cross reference job history or check the status of past jobs on the fly. 

Address and Customer Notes Your customer address notes now show up on the job detail screen accessible through your mobile device. You can create notes for each separate customer address and also add customer notes when adding a new customer. Customers will not be able to see these notes. 

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