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Job Tagging, Managing and Reporting

Kindra K, Marketing Coordinator

Apr 2, 2017 @ 5:39PM
Example showing how to add Facebook tag

Job tagging has arrived! You can now enter tags for a job directly from the job details page or from the 'tags' section. Any new tag you enter in the box will be added to your master tag list in your settings menu. With this feature, you will now have the ability to add tags to your jobs AND/OR to your customers based on your business needs. 

Tag Manager

Screenshot of the tag manager

You can easily access the 'Tags' section from your main settings ribbon. In this section, you add, remove, rename, and merge any tags.

  1. To add a tag from this screen, click 'Add Tag' and simply enter the new tag name.

  2. To merge tags, first select all associated tags, then click on the 'Merge tags' button. From there, you will be able to apply a new name to all selected tags. 

  3. To rename an existing tag, click the 'Edit' button to the right of the tag and enter in the new tag name.

Job Tag Reporting

Example of job tag dropdown

Job tags will make it easier than ever to create custom reports on your dashboard. The 'Job tags' option is now available inside the 'Table columns' drop down, and will allow you to filter jobs based on whatever tag you choose. Once you select which job tags you want to filter, simply name the report and click 'Save.' That custom report will show up on your dashboard. Please note that custom reporting is only available on the Manage Plan. If you would like to enjoy this feature, please let us know so we can upgrade your account.

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