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New Add a Job

Kindra K, Marketing Coordinator

Mar 25, 2018 @ 4:52PM

New add a job

Based on your feedback, we have made it easier for you to add a job to your calendar from your computer. You'll still be doing the same general flow, but now you'll have access to more customer details before you add the job. To turn this feature on click on the green '+ NEW' button, click 'new job' or 'new estimate' and flip the toggle to access the beta version. 

Adding a customer

When you go to add a new job or estimate the first action you'll take is to add the customer. You'll still be able to search your customer list or add a new one from this screen.

The difference now is that you will be able to see the customer details, click on the customer history, add job/customer tags, and add job attachments all from this page. 

How to add a customer in Housecall Pro

Adding your services

The next step to scheduling the job is to add your line items. The only change to this page is access to attachments and customer tags. This just makes it easier for you to access and add important information while scheduling the job.

How to add your services to Housecall Pro

Adding the job to your schedule

Your next step will be to add the job to your schedule. A couple changes to this page are the locations for the buttons to edit your team, set your arrival window, set a recurring job, and set customer notifications. You can now find each of these in the upper right-hand corner under the 'save now' button.

How to add to your schedule in Housecall Pro

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