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Jared Best - The Best Life Ever

Kindra K, Marketing Coordinator

Feb 7, 2018 @ 12:18AM

Jared Best is the owner of Best Impressions Mobile Detail. Born in Virginia, he moved to San Diego when he was 3 years old and has been here ever since. I sat down with Jared at Housecall Pro headquarters to find out what exactly led him to his success.

The early details

Jared hasn’t always been in the mobile detail industry. He used to work for an auto insurance company as a claims representative where he enjoyed interacting with the customers and solving problems. Despite enjoying his job, Jared’s family was growing and he needed a job that could grow with them.

It was when he was expecting his second child that he realized he wanted to start his own business where he could utilize the analytical and people skills he’s acquired over the years. One day, he saw a detailing truck parked next to him and detailing might be something he would be interested in. Still working at the insurance company, Jared reached out to a detailer he barely knew for some advice. The detailer offered to have Jared come work for him for free during the weekends in exchange for training. After a year of working 7 days a week, Jared finally felt confident enough to start his own business. That’s when

Best Impressions Mobile Detail was born.

Best Practices

Jared Best washing a car

There are a few things he attributes his success to. First is his dad for believing in him and helping him start out. The second is his wife, for her patience and support while raising their 3 children. The last is his ability to keep learning, changing and evolving as time goes on.

“You have to keep learning and continue to be open to change”

His advice to anyone starting their own business is to jump in with both feet while remaining cautious. He says a lot of businesses fail because they want the whole pie right away and warns against buying the expensive supplies when you first start.

“Don’t feel like you need to be the best of the best right out of the gate. You can take baby steps as you go through the process. You can always upgrade to the proper, more professional equipment down the road.”

In his free time, when he has any, Jared enjoys hanging out with his kids, going to church with his family, and watching Chicago Med with his wife.

To learn how Jared uses Housecall Pro to run his business, Best Impressions, click here.

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