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6 HVAC Marketing Strategies to Help You Stand Out in a Digital World

Emily B,

Oct 27, 2018 @ 6:27AM

Did you know that 80% of all sales require at least five follow-ups to close?

That means it can take five interactions from when a customer becomes aware of your HVAC business to the point that they’re ready to hire you.

Whether a lead first learns of your business through a traditional advertising method like direct mail or they discover your business on Facebook, it can take up to four more interactions with your business before they decide to hire you.

The second and third time a customer encounters an ad for your business, they’ll begin to recognize the name, earning you valuable brand recognition. This helps develop trust and build your reputation as a reliable HVAC business.

By the time your prospect is actually in the market for a new air conditioner, hopefully your business will come to mind first. Or they’ll Google “AC replacement” and select your website from the list of results – because they know your brand and trust your reputation.

Standing out in a digital world

For local home service businesses, the competition is fierce. In order to build your reputation, attract new customers, and grow your company, it’s crucial to adapt to modern digital marketing strategies.

Learning about the fundamentals of digital marketing will allow you to get found by local customers searching for HVAC services online. Let’s take a look at six of the core digital marketing strategies HVAC professionals should use to grow their business in 2019 and beyond.

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6 modern HVAC marketing strategies to grow your business

1. Use local SEO best practices to stand out in search results

Local search engine optimization (SEO) is all about making it as easy as possible for local customers to find your website when they search online.

When potential customers need an HVAC professional, many of them use a search engine like Google to find local businesses. Your SEO affects where your website ranks in local search results. The higher your site appears in the list of results, the better – because more people will see it and click on your site.

Good SEO for HVAC services includes a range of practices, such as:

  • Making sure your website is easy to navigate and understand. It should offer useful, relevant information that helps Google understand what you do.

  • Optimizing the URL, meta data, and content for each page by including targeted keywords and phrases (like “

    [Your City]



  • Ensuring your NAP data (business name, address, phone number) is consistent across your website as well as any third-party listings or websites where it appears.

  • Linking between related pages on your website. For example, if you publish a blog post on the importance of replacing old air filters, you should include links to other pages on your site about seasonal HVAC maintenance and the services you offer.

2. Make a better first impression by taking control of your Google My Business listing

An accurate and complete Google My Business listing is crucial for your HVAC company. By optimizing your listing, you’re helping local customers find your business in search results and making the best first impression possible.

If you haven’t already, your first step should be to claim your Google My Business (GMB) listing. Claiming ownership of your listing gives you the power to control what customers see when your business appears in Google search results.

Once you’re verified as the listing owner, you should check that your business name, address, phone number (NAP), and website address are all correct. You should also set your service area, so customers know whether or not you make house calls to their location. These steps are vital if you want to build credibility and make it easy for customers to get in touch with you.

Next, you can further optimize your listing by selecting 2-3 of the most appropriate categories, uploading high-quality photos (including a profile image, cover photo, logo, and pictures of your business location – ideally both the interior and exterior). Try to choose photos that are clear, well-lit, and at least 720 by 720 pixels.

3. Switch to responsive web design to keep visitors on your site longer

When your future customers look for a local service business, most of them don’t sit down at a computer to do their research. In fact, 87% of smartphone users reach for their mobile device first when searching for a product or service from a local business.

This is the biggest reason why your website needs to be mobile-friendly – so you can connect with the large chunk of mobile customers who are searching for you.

It won’t matter how many people visit your website if they don’t stick around long enough to learn about your company. You want to make sure your website is easy to use and navigate, regardless of what device a potential customer is using.

So, if you hire someone to update your website, remember that a responsive or mobile-friendly website design is the way to go. Responsive design means the web pages will automatically adjust to perfectly fit whatever screen size is being used to the view the content.

Another option is a standalone mobile website designed for mobile screens specifically. In this case, your main website would redirect users to the mobile version whenever they use a smartphone.

If you’ve ever stumbled across a non-responsive website on your phone, you know how frustrating it can be. The buttons are often too small to press, the text runs off the screen, and the image sizes are all out of whack. It’s no wonder most people leave a website immediately if it’s not mobile-friendly.

A mobile-friendly web design will ensure your website looks great on screens of all sizes and is easy to navigate on a mobile device.

4. Build brand awareness and customer relationships on social media

Social media’s not just for socializing anymore – it’s a powerful marketing platform for local services businesses. You can use social media to build awareness about your business, find new leads, and engage with potential customers.

Facebook and Twitter are excellent places to start for HVAC businesses. You can create a business page that lists your hours, contact information, address, and links to your website (which can drive traffic and is also great for SEO). Whether or not you choose to run paid ad campaigns, you can use Facebook to reach your target audience by engaging with other home service pages and groups.

If you have a lot of photos and videos you can use to promote your business, set up an Instagram account to showcase those visuals. You can use Instagram to feature customer stories, show off before-and-after installation pictures, and to introduce team members to your audience.

Here are a few other ways to incorporate social media into your HVAC marketing strategies:

  • Participate in industry-related Facebook groups where you can share your knowledge and establish a reputation as a local professional.

  • If you create promotional videos or blog articles, share your content across each of your social media channels to get more views and exposure.

  • Host a giveaway on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and ask participants to comment, share, or tag friends to get more entries.

  • Use Facebook ads to market your business to specific types of customers within your service area.

5. Create videos that grab customers’ attention

One of the best ways to stand out on social media is to create and share marketing videos. Think about it: when you’re scrolling through Facebook, a video is more likely to grab your attention that static text or even a photo.

Not only do marketing videos allow you to convey a message quickly and effectively, but they can also drive traffic to your website and encourage potential customers to take specific actions. It’s good practice to include one strong call-to-action near the end of your video – whether it’s asking viewers to go book an appointment online, call your office, share the video with friends, or leave a comment with their thoughts.

Not sure what to create videos about? There are a wide range of HVAC topics that would make for engaging video content. Everything from maintenance tips to behind-the-scenes looks at how your technicians tackle common issues to answering customer questions in a Q&A-style video. You could also talk about the benefits of working with your team of professionals or highlight the ways that your HVAC services save customers money in the long-run.

Now, you might assume that good marketing videos are expensive to produce - but that’s really not the case anymore. There are a variety of cost-effective tools to help you create professional-quality videos on a budget.

For example, a video-creation platform like Promo by Slidely gives you access to all the tools, video clips, and music you need for an eye-catching video. Plus, you can easily add text, so viewers can tell what’s going on even if they’re watching on mute.

Another option is to experiment with live video. It’s free to broadcast using Facebook Live (aside from recording equipment – which can simply be your phone or computer – and anything you pay to promote it in advance) and you can drum up quite a bit of engagement with this type of content.

6. Build credibility by asking happy customers to write online reviews

For better or for worse, customer reviews affect your bottom line. A survey by BrightLocal found that 92% of customers read online reviews when researching local businesses – and another 68% of consumers trust a business more after reading positive reviews.

So, it’s important to reach out to satisfied customers and ask them if they’d be willing to leave a brief review on Google and Facebook.

Once you start receiving reviews, you should reach out to customers who leave positive reviews to thank them for their kind words. You should also take this opportunity to ask if they would mind being quoted on the testimonials section of your website.

Be consistent and diversify your marketing efforts for best results

Digital marketing requires dedication if you want to see major results. So, be consistent and diversify your HVAC marketing strategies to include a healthy mix of the tactics listed above as possible.

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