How to Onboard Your Employees

How to Onboard Your Employees

Kindra K., Marketing Coordinator

The world of field service management is  undergoing a major shift. Field service management software (FSM software) is revolutionizing the way service providers communicate with their customers, schedule and dispatch their work, and handle invoicing and payments. However, as much as clients may be loving how simple and convenient FSM software is, it isn’t always easy for businesses to get their employees on board.

For many employees in field service management, utilizing software is a new way of operating. Many would-be users are accustomed to paper forms, phone calls, and manual processes. So, how do business owners and leaders go about getting their new employees on board with FSM Software?

Start With Why

Before even beginning the process of researching and selecting a software tool, start with “why”. Let employees know that you’re looking at a new software tool that will save them time, save the company money, simplify their work, and the way they interact with customers.  

Help them to understand early on how this will improve things so that they can begin to understand that a change is coming and can get used to the idea. Share your time frame with them as well so they know when to expect training will begin, and when they’ll start using it.

Early Buy-In

Gaining early buy-in helps surround the impending change in positivity. A great way to do that is to  get the early adopters on board. How do you know who your early adopters are? They will be those employees excited about the improvements they can see FSM software will bring to their work. They’re likely the most tech savvy people on the team. Ask them to be a part of the buying process. Have them test software, ask questions, and propose ideas and challenges. Involve them in the ways that FSM software will change the current workflow. Not all of your employees will want to be involved in this stage, but offering the opportunity helps you find out who your early adopters are. You will need these folks to help sell the product to the rest of the team.


Have you ever been in a training with someone that knows a lot, but has a hard time explaining the most obscure details? While this kind of deep dive may appeal to a handful of people, most users become overwhelmed, confused, or frustrated by all of that unnecessary information. Be sure that training is interesting — tell stories of success and cover tips, tricks and shortcuts that are sure to make your employees’ jobs even easier. You should keep the first trainings simple, clear, and short.

Focus on Core Features

Your employees are utilizing FSM software to make their jobs more efficient and delight your customers. Focus on the features that make the most sense and will make an immediate impact. For now, you can let go of any shiny extras. Once they’ve adopted the software, they can request further training on more robust features.

Offer 1-on-1 Assistance

There are bound to be a few employees who will need or want to see some details from training a second time. Be sure to offer one-on-one assistance to those folks, and make sure that they understand that help will always be available, anytime. You may also consider asking a few of your early adopters to help out with supporting the extra training to those who may need it.

Be Encouraging

One of the best things you can do to help your employees through the change to FSM software is to be encouraging. When they use the tool, thank them. Acknowledge, especially to the late adopters, that you understand making a change from their comfortable routines to something entirely new, isn’t easy. Let them know you appreciate their willingness to make the switch. You can also create peer champions by having early adopters who have success with the software share their experiences at a team meeting.

Measure Results

Oftentimes companies make software changes without really explaining the reasons why. While this can create difficult change management, what’s equally as frustrating for employees is to never really know whether or not the change was worth it. Be sure to measure and share the results with them so that they know how the new FSM software has positively impacted the business.

The key to successfully onboarding employees to FSM software is to include them in the process early on, gain their buy-in, and provide thorough, easy-to-understand training that focuses mainly on core features. Be sure to offer extra assistance to anyone requesting it, and be encouraging. You’ll be on your way to happier clients and a more efficient workflow process in no time.


Jessica Barrett Halcom is a writer for, with specializations in human resources, healthcare, and transportation. She holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin, Green Bay and currently lives in Nashville, TN.


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