Get 5x More For Your Marketing Dollar

Get 5x More For Your Marketing Dollar

Kindra K., Marketing Coordinator

Investing in marketing is crucial to growing your business, but how do you ensure you aren’t throwing away your hard-earned cash on failed attempts? There are endless options when it comes to marketing your business, and some are more successful than others.

Types of Marketing

Direct Marketing: When you think of marketing, you’re likely focused only on methods for finding new customers, or direct marketing.

Re-Marketing: Reaching out to past customers to spark more repeat business, reviews, and referrals. This often-overlooked element of marketing can greatly increase your revenue, at a lower cost to you!

Meet your new secret weapon when it comes to increasing revenue: your existing customer base. That’s because re-marketing is actually 5x cheaper than finding new customers. Not only that, but it's also 2x more effective!

What gives? Re-marketing is much cheaper and more effective than direct marketing, that’s due to the fact that your past clients have already done business with you, so they are much more likely to book your services again than someone who is totally unfamiliar with you.

Ready to start re-marketing? Read on to learn the different types of re-marketing that you can use to see a major spike in business.

Thank You Re-Marketing

Do you thank your customers after you do business with them? Step it up by sending an email or postcard after each job to make your customers feel appreciated. It’s such a simple gesture yet it is so often forgotten.

Top-of-mind effect:

Sending a “thank you” note keeps your business fresh in your customers’ memories, plus it ensures that your information is readily accessible for the next time they require your services.

Seals the experience:

Expressing your gratitude after your job is done leaves your customers with positive feelings about your business.

Customer loyalty:

Thanking your customers builds their loyalty to your business.

Customer lifetime value (CLV):

How much you profit from a customer throughout your entire future relationship with them. CLV is increased when you send post-job “thank you” notes.

Bonus tip: Include a plea for reviews or referrals mixed in with your message to make your thank you marketing do triple duty!

Reminder Re-Marketing

Don’t expect your customers to remember when it’s time to schedule their next appointment with you. Just assume they’ll forget, so be sure to remind them! Reminder marketing has the highest and most direct ROI out of all the different types of re-marketing.


Important factor consider when engaging in reminder marketing. Determine your company’s schedule for sending out reminder messages based on how frequently customers need your services.


Use reminder marketing as an opportunity to encourage your customers to purchase upgrades or add-on services.


Kill a few birds with one stone - let your reminder marketing inform your customers about additional services you may offer.

Bonus tip: Offer special discount or promotion to compel your customers to book you right away! Get tips for running successful promotions here.

Referral Re-Marketing

Despite the world going digital, word-of-mouth marketing definitely isn’t dead. Referrals have the potential to be your cheapest marketing channel. When your customers are pleased with their experience, they are likely to tell their friends and family about your business, sometimes without you even having to ask.

High conversion:

Referrals are likely to turn into customers than other types of leads.

Increase CLV:

Referrals that become customers 16% higher lifetime value than customers that came from different channels.


Set up a referral program and offer rewards to make your customers even more compelled to participate in growing your business!

Bonus tip: Give your customers two options instead of one. If you ask for either a review or referral, your chances of getting at least one improve compared to if you only give one choice. Since both reviews and referrals are invaluable to your business, it’s a win-win scenario for your business!

Focusing on building customer loyalty truly pays off in the long run. Make sure you invest your marketing dollars wisely by not forgetting about your past clients! One last piece of advice for your re-marketing efforts is to boost your efficiency by automating the processes. There are many different marketing automation platforms out there, so explore the options and find the one that works best for your needs.


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