Approaching Female Customers as a Service Business Professional

Approaching Female Customers as a Service Business Professional

Kindra K., Marketing Coordinator

Interacting with your customers is one of the most important parts of running a service business. If a person doesn’t like you, or feel comfortable with you in their home, they are far less likely to become a repeat customer. Knowing how to appropriately interact with female customers in their own home is key to helping them feel at ease. Follow the advice below and you’ll be golden!

Personal Space is Your Friend

Keep an appropriate amount of space between your female customer and yourself. Particularly if she is the only one home, be mindful of the fact that you are in her house by being respectful of her space. You should also be wary of sneaking up on your customer. Let her know what rooms in the house you will need to visit and in what order. If you want to go over anything with her when you are finished with your work, let her know ahead of time and ask where you will be able to find her when you’re finished in order to avoid wandering around her house.

Be Respectful

The importance of being respectful to your female customer simply cannot be overstated. Showing respect to both the customer and their home will go a long way. Make sure you are not tracking dirt through their living room, or leaving your equipment lying around their house. Being courteous also involves using respectful names for your female customers. Avoid calling them hon, dear, or sweetheart as it can often lead to them feeling uncomfortable. The best way to avoid awkward name situations is simply by sticking with calling them by whatever name they use when they introduce themselves to you.

Keep Your Language Neutral

You never know a customer’s views on a particular subject, so it’s important to keep your language neutral. Don’t make crude or inappropriate jokes that have the potential to make a homeowner feel uncomfortable. This advice applies to all customers, but is particularly important to be conscious of with female customers. If you’re ever in doubt of how a comment will be received, don’t say it.

Build Trust

The most important thing you can do to make a female customer feel at ease is to establish trust. The customer is letting you into their home and one of the biggest questions they are asking themselves is “can I trust this person?” If the opportunity arises, let them know a little bit about yourself, like why you started this business and what you love about it. The less they view you as a stranger, the more they will trust you. This will help build a good working relationship between you and your customer, which will ultimately lead to them booking you again!

 The bottom line when dealing with female customers: treat them with respect. Respect their homes, their belongings, and their families during your visit and you’ll end up with more repeat business then you’ll know what to do with!


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