3 Tips to Make the Most of Tech

3 Tips to Make the Most of Tech

Matt B., Marketing Coordinator

In the HVAC industry, this female trio is making their mark by running a thriving business. How did this dynamic trio contribute to the company’s growth? Michele, Jeanne, and Kelsey of Scotty’s Heating & Air Conditioningunderstand that technology is their friend, not foe. Other service businesses seeking success can learn from this advice:

1. Organization can be your new best friend.  

Scotty’s Heating & Air Conditioning has grown significantly since opening for business in 2012. Like all new businesses, they started with the simple pen and paper technique. As business started booming, Michele realized that handwritten invoices were not going to cut it and began searching for a platform that would grow with them, as well as save them time, money, and even space in the long run.

For the Scotty’s team, they wanted a solution that would help them “consolidate [everything], be more efficient and appear more professional.” The obvious solution was to go paperless. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates the average office uses 10,000 sheets of paper per year, which can really add up over the years and overcrowd the office space. Rather than keeping confidential files in the office, storing documents digitally takes no physical space and protects your files with layers upon layers of digital security. For businesses like Scotty’s, this eliminates the risk of misplacing important customer files and only gives certain individuals permission to access these documents. When it comes down to the numbers, going digital means the office can annually  save $80 per employee.

2. Communication is key. 

As they say, “time is money” and increasing efficiency is one of the best ways to save time. Take it from the leaders at Scotty’s, efficiency is very important in running a business with no hiccups. All three women work in different offices across San Diego. As Kelsey explains, “One of us can input something and then a minute later, I can see exactly what happened and it just makes things so easy for us!”

The collaboration that real-time connectivity provides for your team safeguards against miscommunications and improves the overall efficiency and profitability of your business. This allows business owners to see exactly where their technicians are on a live map, as well as which job the technician is working on. Staying connected with real-time updates can not only make a world of a difference, but also help your relationships with customers. People enjoy the feeling of getting special treatment, so the more synced up you are with your employees, the easier it is to stay actively engaged with customers.

3. Customer experience can skyrocket through technology. 

In the field service industry, it’s crucial to focus on customers, since service professionals deal with customers face-to-face on a daily basis. For the trio at Scotty’s, they believe it is important to genuinely care about customers, because they are the most important aspect of the business. In fact, the team’s main objective is to make sure they really get to know their customers and what their customers’ needs are. As you could imagine, knowing the needs of countless customers can become an insurmountable task, so Michele, Jeanne, and Kelsey made finding technology to help them a top priority. 

In this digital age, customers expect the highest quality of service possible with the digital standard that they are accustomed to in their everyday lives. The businesses that make use of technology to help streamline the process for their customers are most likely to deliver this technology-driven customer experience.

Scotty’s alerts their customers with notifications when their technicians are on the way to jobs, along with photos of who will be performing the service. After the service call is complete, Scotty's sends additional messaging to their customers informing them of the job completion. Customers are delighted to be kept well informed through the job process and are more likely to book Scotty's services in the future. Some time after the job is completed, Scotty’s also sends automated thank you emails to their valued customers in order to bring the experience full-circle. Even though all of these customer touch-points are automated, Kelsey ensures that they add a personal touch. Just knowing that customers are always given up-to-date information at the push of a button helps the Scotty’s team feel prideful of the quality of customer care they provide.

Do you want to deliver exceptional customer experiences through technology? There are lots of tools out there to help with ensuring that you provide the best service possible. The key to truly understand is that technology can be a great tool to enhance all customer-facing processes. Refining the customer experience is also an endless journey, as businesses can always find new ways to make it just a little bit better. 


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