10 Ways to Lose a Customer

10 Ways to Lose a Customer

Kindra K., Marketing Coordinator

Dealing with customers can be a total pain. When customers are being difficult, don’t you just want to tell them to take a hike? Well, stop holding back! Tell them how you really feel....if you want to lose their business forever!!


1. Demand positive reviews. Bully everyone you work with into reviewing you. Guilt them if they don’t.

Insult dissatisfied customers.

2. Ignore your customers' calls. Have a robotic answering machine and make it impossible to reach a human.

Never call back.

3. Drive recklessly in your company vehicle. Cut your customers off on the road, nearly causing an accident.

Use inappropriate hand signals if they honk.

Aggressively tailgate everyone who isn’t going at least 10 mph above the speed limit.

4. Ignore complaints. Pay no attention to customer service. 

Give customers an attitude when they bring up concerns.

5. Steal from them and/or trash their home. Blame someone (anyone) else. Never accept responsibility for it!

Definitely don’t apologize. Let them know they can try to sue you if they want compensation for damages.

6. Send technicians out into the field with no training. Make no effort to train them in your trade or teach them how to interact with customers.

Eagerly anticipate the inevitable problems this will cause.

7. Try to squeeze extra money out of them. Take payment for your work and then request payment again. Keep requesting more money from them. Maybe they will be tricked into paying twice and not even realize it!

Quote them a price for your service. After you’ve completed it, double that figure. Make up a silly reason why they need to pay twice that price, like “my rates double on Mondays!”

8. Disrespect them. Be as creepy as possible. Call the woman of the house “pretty eyes.”

Invade their personal space. Touch them more than is normal while speaking.

9. Act a fool on social media. Post inappropriate, inflammatory commentary from your personal account.

Engage in heated arguments with anyone who opposes your viewpoints.

Offend and insult anyone and everyone.

10. Break promises. Guarantee results, then fail to deliver.

Laugh at the idea of living up to your commitment.

When customers get upset, let them know you think they’re unimportant. 

As you can see, losing a customer is easy! Follow these steps if you’re just too busy and you need to get rid of some business.

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