Plumbers: Send Us a Video Recording Explaining a Fix and We'll Send You $100.

Plumbers: Send Us a Video Recording Explaining a Fix and We'll Send You $100.

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Posted by Kindra K.

April 26, 2019

Text us a video shot on your iPhone or iPad covering a moderate to advanced plumbing fix that you feel other plumbers would love to see a how-to video about. And if we post it to our YouTube channel, we pay you $100!

Recording the video during or right after the job (with any parts to show while explaining) is ideal. But if you recently worked on one of the below fixes and have some photos, parts or other visuals to include, record the video for us now and send our way.

There is no limit to how many videos you can submit and be paid!

  1. Record video (some best practices - remove your company logo from clothing if you don’t want it to be associated with the video)

  2. Hit the Send button on the bottom left of your video and TEXT to 858-261-9632


We’ll send you a text back and if we publish it and ask for an address to send your $100.

Keep in mind, these videos are for other plumbers, not DIY homeowners.


Why iPhone only?

The file size lengths for sending a video from iPhone to iPhone allow you to take and send up to a three-minute video. Other devices won’t allow this so we decided to keep it simple.

What happens if you don’t use my video?

We’ll be in touch to let you know and provide feedback about how it could be improved so we would accept it - and you can resubmit a new one. You own all rights to any video we don’t post.

What happens when you do use my video?

You’ll receive $100 in the mail roughly a week after we post that video that you can use towards

plumbing software

or whatever you like. We own all rights to the video (since we paid you for it) and can edit, delete, or use however we’d like. Our current plan is to post to YouTube and include some simple Housecall Pro branding at the beginning and end of the video. It will mostly look and sound like the original video you sent us. We’re not planning to use your use, location, company or any other details.

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