Plumbing Van Wrap Examples and Tips on a Winning Design

Plumbing Van Wrap Examples and Tips on a Winning Design

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Posted by EJ Brown

December 30, 2020

Van wraps are great for building brand awareness to new potential customers in your service area. With a memorable design, you’ll be top-of-mind when plumbing needs arise.

There are multiple options: full van wraps, partial wraps, and simple decals — all of which can stand out and work well with a high-quality design.

In this piece, we’ll show you some examples of van and truck wraps on plumbing vehicles and offer tips about why they work. We’ll also give some tips about how to prepare your service van for the wrap install. 

Fleet Branding We Love and Why

1. Enviro Plumbing

This fleet wrap from

Enviro Plumbing

is easy to read and memorable. The small list of services on the back makes it clear just what you should contact this company about — ideal for your most popular service calls. The A+ BBB rating builds trust, as well. Overall, some great details here.

Another thing we love, Enviro makes their design work for them on social media, as well.

Once you have a wrap you love, make use of it however you can as a backdrop for company pictures, new Facebook posts, etc

2. Patriot Plumbing Company

This wrap from

Patriot Plumbing Company

makes great use of white space (or empty space) so that the design isn’t overwhelming. It calls attention to a few specific details and really catches your eye. The phone number is easy to read, although the website could be clearer. Red isn’t the easiest color to read from a distance.

Once again, this company explains what they’re best at: kitchen and bathroom remodeling. If a homeowner is ready for a remodel, this will stand out

3. Five Star Plumbing


Five Star Plumbing

demonstrates, van graphics don’t need to be overly complicated, and you don’t need a complete wrap to stand out. They show only what’s important, and it’s memorable.  

4. Schitt’s Plumbing

Schitt’s Plumbing

makes their name work for them with their catchy tagline. Other plusses in this box truck wrap are the bold colors, the unique logo, and the easy-to-read contact information. Overall, this is a solid design that catches the eye.

Two things to keep in mind about truck wraps: with more surface area, truck graphics are easier to do well, but they’re also more expensive wraps. 

What to Consider Including In a Vehicle Wrap Design:

Based on these examples, you can see what’s important to each company. You don’t need to include everything (and you shouldn’t). Choose two or three important details that are important to you and your customers. This is the first step in planning your van or truck wrap design. 

  • Contact information (website, phone number)

  • List of most popular plumbing services

  • Answer to your most common question (like do you offer same day services?)

  • Something that builds trust

  • Logo (if you don’t have a solid logo, start here)

  • Tagline that shows values or a catchy way that sums up your company

  • Business license number (some states require this)

When working with a vehicle graphics design company for the first time, make sure they have solid samples to show you of other service vehicles they’ve designed. We also recommend checking local prices with other businesses in your area to see what they paid on their custom vehicle wrap.

Preparing Your Vehicles:

Make sure the vehicle is ready for the installer. In a private Facebook group, one pro recommends sanding and priming the vehicle first and washing it with an alcohol cleaner and a no brush car wash.

If your van is already wrapped and you’re starting over, check out our

guide on removing a van wrap


Ready to get started? Here are five car and van wrap companies recommended by our pros:

Or check out other examples of

HVAC van wrap designs

More Marketing Strategies for Plumbers

Vehicle advertising should be just one piece of an

overall marketing plan for plumbing companies


Other strategies to consider include:

Search engine optimization (SEO)

: See our list of

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