23 Plumbing Marketing Ideas that Will Set You Apart From the Competition in 2022

23 Plumbing Marketing Ideas that Will Set You Apart From the Competition in 2022

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Posted by Kindra K.

February 25, 2022

As a plumber who wants to grow their business and attract new customers, you know how important it is to stand out from the competition.

Unfortunately, this is often easier said than done – especially since plumbing is such a competitive field and its taking more than

just plumbing software

to stand out.

On top of running your business and managing a team of dedicated professionals, you also need to come up with a clever way to brand yourself and get your business on potential customers’ radar.

Successful marketing in 2022 requires managing your reputation both online and off

, using a mix of digital and traditional marketing channels. Whether you’re new to marketing or need some fresh perspective on how to promote your plumbing business, we’ve got you covered!

These plumbing marketing ideas will help you to take your plumbing business to the next level, set your business apart from the competition, and build a stronger reputation for your brand.

23 Plumbing Marketing Ideas You Can Use to Enhance Your Brand

Housecall Pro Plumbing Marketing Ideas mobile friendly

Take Your Website to the Next Level

1. Create a Responsive Website

In most cases, when someone needs a plumber, they need one


. For many of your potential customers, that means grabbing their phone and searching for nearby plumbers. So, it’s absolutely crucial that your website is mobile-friendly and displays properly on phone screens of all sizes.

Even in non-emergency situations, over half (


) of all online searches take place on mobile phones. Without a responsive design, your visitors won’t be able to read or navigate your website – which means they’ll leave and click on another search result instead.

2. Infuse It with Your Brand

One of the secrets to building a business that stands out from competitors is to create a memorable brand. Use your brand colors and logo consistently across all of your marketing – including every page of your website. Work with a designer to come up with an effective logo and easy-to-use web design that reflects your business and your brand.

Housecall Pro’s Logo Generator tool

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3. Use Copy that Converts

When potential customers visit your website, they’re already in the market for a plumber – but they haven’t decided which company to hire yet. So, to turn your website into a lead-generating machine, you need sales copy that highlights the unique benefits of your business.

You need to write (or hire someone to help you write) copy that achieves that following:

  • Creates interest

    by informing readers about your business and the services offered.

  • Persuades

    them to choose


    plumbing business by showcasing the benefits of working with your team over the competition.

  • Drives action

    by encouraging the reader to contact you ASAP.

Focus your messaging on


they should hire you and include calls-to-action that motivate them to pick up the phone or fill out your contact form.

4. Turn Traffic into Customers with Lead Capture Forms

Placing a contact form on your website gives potential customers a convenient way to ask you questions – but that’s not all.

It also helps you capture sales leads by telling you


who is visiting your website. Make sure the form asks for a name, phone number, and email address so you can follow up.

5. Create Location Pages

If your service area covers several different cities or counties, you should consider creating separate pages on your website for each location. This can help your business rank for local search terms that potential customers are typing into Google.

Optimizing these pages for local keywords (like “

San Diego plumber

”) means your business is more likely to appear in search results, which will bring more local traffic to your website.

Boost Your Online Reputation and Visibility

Housecall Pro Plumbing Marketing Ideas Google search

6. Build Local Citations

A local citation is an instance of your business’ contact information online. The number of local citations you have impacts how well your website ranks in local search results – and how likely it is that potential customers will see and click on it. One way to build high-quality citations is to submit up-to-date business listings to trusted local directories, like Angie’s List, Google, Yelp, the BBB, and Bing.

Build even more citations with our list of

websites like Angie's List


7. Get Listed on Popular Review Sites

Listing your business on review websites (like Google Reviews and Yelp) not only boosts your online visibility, but it’s also a great way to build trust with potential customers. In fact, 90% of customers trust online reviews about your business just as much as personal recommendations.

So, the more positive reviews you receive, the more likely your business is to appear in local search results


get new leads based on those recommendations.

You can now easily get more 5 star reviews with

Housecall Pro’s automated review tool

. Housecall Pro is the all-in-one tool to help you manage your plumbing business workflow, scheduling, invoices and marketing.

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8. Claim Your Google My Business Profile

If you want to make it as easy as possible for potential customers to find out about your plumbing business online, start by claiming your Google My Business profile. Once Google verifies that you’re the business owner, you can manage and update the information, pictures, and contact information that shows up in search results.

9. Clean Up Your NAP Data

Anywhere your business is referenced online, it’s important to make sure that the name, address, and phone number (NAP) are accurate and consistent. This includes citations in local directories, on review sites, Google My Business page, your website, and even social media profiles. If your NAP data is inconsistent, it’s harder for Google to verify the information and trust your business – which means you’ll struggle to rank in search results.

10. Create Social Media Pages

Another way to build your online reputation is to create official social media pages for your business. If you’re just starting out, focus on platforms that your most of your customers are already using, like Facebook and Twitter. Remember to make sure your NAP data is up-to-date and consistent across each of your pages – and include a link back to your website to help drive traffic.

Build Deeper Connections on Social Media

Housecall Pro Plumbing Marketing Ideas social media

11. Engage with Customers Online

Getting active on social media is an easy way to engage with potential customers directly, stay top-of-mind for past customers, and build name recognition for your brand. Keep in mind that it’s not enough to simply


businesses pages on social media – you need to actually use these platforms to interact with your community and potential customers.

12. Host a Social Media Contest

A contest is a fun way to connect with your audience online, and it’s easier to run a social media content than you might think. You can contact household brands to find sponsors that might be interested in donating a prize, or simply offer a free or discounted plumbing service to the winner. Come up with a branded hashtag that consumers must use to enter the contest, set a deadline for entries, and engage with everyone who participates to create even more buzz.

13. Cross-Post on Different Platforms

When you’ve got a great piece of content – whether it’s a photo, video, update, or blog post – you want to get as many eyeballs on it as possible.

For example, when you update a picture to Instagram, you have the option to cross-post it to Facebook and Twitter. By sharing to multiple platforms at once, you can reach a broader audience and get the most value out of your content.

14. Use Paid Ads to Boost Your Content

Running ads on social channels like Facebook and Instagram allows you to reach more potential customers. Even better, because these platforms have so much data about their users, you can decide exactly who you want to target with your sponsored posts.

Stand Out Online with Attention-Grabbing Content

Housecall Pro Plumbing Marketing Ideas blog

15. Start a Blog to Highlight Your Expertise

Adding a blog to your website gives you a chance to educate consumers about plumbing and showcase your industry expertise to potential customers. Regular blogging can play into a broader content marketing strategy that improves your online reputation.

Your blogs can also be optimized for specific SEO terms. So, when a customer types a plumbing-related question into Google, they might stumble across your article addressing that very topic – which will lead them to your website and increase the odds that they’ll hire you.

16. Create A Couple In-Depth Guides

When it comes to creating content for your website, you don’t need to stick to short, single-topic articles. If you’re an expert in a specific aspect of plumbing or have advice for homeowners undertaking renovations, you could create a more in-depth guide that customers can download from your website.

17. Video Marketing

Video marketing is all the rage on social media these days – and for good reason. Video is a highly effective way to promote your business as it tends to grab and keep viewers’ attention longer than pictures or text alone.

Start by creating a few how-to videos or demonstrations of common jobs you do, and then publish your videos to your company’s YouTube channel, Facebook page, or Instagram (or all three).

18. Experiment with Live Video

While you’ve got the camera rolling – why not try live streaming a video right to your audience? Facebook Live is a fun way to engage with your followers and provide a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the good work your team does.

The beauty of live video is that it doesn’t have to be scripted or polished. You can still use video as an opportunity for education and building trust, without worrying about editing clips together or getting the lighting perfect.

Make an Amazing Impression Offline, Too

Housecall Pro Plumbing Marketing Ideas customer service

19. Provide Top-Level Customer Service

As a small business owner, you know how important it is to provide fantastic customer service. But what you may not have considered is that going above and beyond for your customers is an effective form of marketing.

Aside from training your team to be friendly and patient with homeowners (especially in difficult situations), there are a few things you can do to improve your customer service. One simple solution is to follow-up with customers after a job is completed to ensure they’re happy with the results.

To measure customer satisfaction, you should also send out an email survey asking customers to rate their experience with your company, so you can reward employees who go out of their way to create positive experiences.

Housecall Pro can help you send out automated emails to customers after a job to help you drive repeat business and referrals.

20. Offer Discounts for Referrals

Customers who provide referrals are one of your most valuable marketing resources. So, whenever someone sends you customer referrals, make an effort to show them how much you appreciate their support. For instance, you can send personalized thank you notes with discounts for successful referrals.

21. Strategically Placed Business Cards

Where do you display your business cards? If they’re on a desk in your office, then they’ll only be seen by people who


know about your business. However, if you talk to other local businesses about creating a card-sharing program, you can promote each other’s companies to a new customer base (as long as they’re not in direct competition with you!).

22. Send Postcards

Direct mail marketing is an oldie but a goodie. Done right, this tried-and-true plumbing marketing tactic can help your business reach tons of local homeowners in your service area.

A recent


by Canada Post found that more homeowners read direct mail (53%) than promotional email messages (26%). This suggests postcards are less likely to go straight to the trash than marketing emails. Combine an eye-catching postcard with an attractive coupon, and your direct mail piece could earn a spot on a potential customers’ fridge.

23. Spend Time in the Community

Face-to-face networking is arguably the oldest marketing strategy in the book – but it can get overlooked by business owners focused on digital channels.

Whether you introduce yourself to members of a local homeowners’ association, host an event at your office, or make an appearance at an upcoming trade show, a little face time can go a long way towards building your reputation

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