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The 5 HVAC Troubleshooting Apps Your Competition Doesn't Want You to Know About

The 5 HVAC Troubleshooting Apps Your Competition Doesn't Want You to Know About

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Posted by Kindra K.

April 22, 2019

HVAC Technician Mobile Apps That’ll  Keep You a Step Ahead of the Rest

As an HVAC small business owner, you are tasked with a crucial responsibility. You're in charge of making sure your customers are comfortable within their own homes. The HVAC industry is experiencing a far faster growth rate (15% growth from 2016 to 2026 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics) than many other home services industries. This has to do with strong residential and commercial real estate sectors as well as the impact of global climate change.

To put it simply, the various changes within the global economy bode well for your HVAC business. In order to keep pace with your competition, it's important that you have the best and user-friendly tools in troubleshooting all of the potential issues that may be experienced by your customer base. What is to follow in this article are the best HVAC troubleshooting mobile apps on Android and iOS (iPhone) that you can employ today, so your customers can stay comfortable into the future.

The HVAC Troubleshooting Apps We Cover:

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HVAC Check and Charge — Cost: Free

HVAC Check and Charge Logo

Download: Android & iOS

Primary use: Providing on-site mobile refrigerant charge calculation app designed for HVAC technicians.

How to use: Using sliding charge calculators, Check & Charge HVAC App makes it easy for contractors to calculate the specific system refrigerant charge intended for various HVAC utilities. Technicians have the freedom of choosing subcooling, airflow, or superheat and entering the matching system temperatures.

HVAC Check and Charge superheat


  • For use with R-407C, R-410A, R-32, R-22, and R-134a

  • Intuitive airflow calculator

  • Superheat calculator (non TXV)

  • Subcooling calculator (TXV)

  • Standard and metric measurement support

HVAC Check and Charge


  • Average star rating of 4.8 on iOS

  • "Awesome. A must have for a new tech or a veteran tech. Super techs need this too since they always screw something up somewhere." -B Huss

Heating & Cooling HVAC Assist — Cost: Free

Heating & Cooling HVAC Assist logo

Download: iOS & Android

Primary use: Finding the right tools and replacement parts for your customers after proper diagnoses are made.

How to use: Heating & Cooling HVAC Assist provides easy to use tools and information on industry related information, on demand. Sign in and view your account and scan the library for the parts and tools you need to remedy your customer's needs.


  • Check real-time availability of products for your branch as well as other branches of your community (PRODUCTS)

  • Search by system needs to find AHRI matched systems with on demand pricing (AHRI)

  • Match warranties to products in real-time either in the office or in the field (WARRANTY)

  • Search the vast inventory of HVAC equipment (PARTS LIST)

  • View Specifications, wiring schematics, installation checklists and more for all your heating & cooling needs (DOCUMENTS)

  • Identify heating and cooling locations in a given radius (BRANCHES)

  • Enable push notifications

  • Turn-by-turn GPS driving directions

  • Light up spaces during service (FLASHLIGHT)

Heating & Cooling HVAC Assist


  • Average star rating of 4.6

  • "This is great-- Have been waiting so long for a dedicated mobile app, and this is the best I’ve seen!" - Villas37

HyTools — Cost: Free

HyTools logo

Download: iOS and Android

Primary use: HyTools is used for hydronic calculations.

Created by IMI Hydronic Engineering International SA, a leading global provider in room temperature control and hydronic distribution systems. The mobile app helps HVAC technicians reach optimal comfort with their customers' heating and cooling systems.

How to use: HyTools enables users to calculate hydronic and temperature systems.


  • Hydronic calculator

  • Pressure calibration & vacuum degassing calculation and selection for solar systems, heating, and cooling

  • Air and dirt separator pressure drop calculation

  • Valve presetting/sizing

  • Radiator power estimations

  • Radiator valve sizing and presets

  • Pipe size measurements

  • Unit converter

  • Language selection

  • GPS location services



  • Average star rating of 4.2 on Android

  • "Fantastic This is the first app I've ever rated and for a reason. This is a brilliant app, I've just finished re sizing the pipework for a £10million job and this app helped no end, thank you so much to the develops you are brilliant. Would love to see more engineering apps from you guys." - Chris Rose

Refrigerant Slider — Cost: Free

Refrigerant Slider logo

Download: Android and iOS®

Primary use: Refrigerant slider is a troubleshooting tool that helps with pressure to temperature refrigerant conversions

The Refrigerant Slider is created by Danfoss who specialize in air conditioning, refrigeration, and heating. Covering 69 different types of refrigerants, The Refrigerant Slider acts as a quick, efficient pressure-to-temperature refrigerant converter.

How to use:

  • The left side of the screen contains a slider that will help you determine the pressure or temperature reference of the selected utility.

Refrigerant Slider

  • The right side of the screen will showcase the pressure and temperature in exact measurements.

  • When you type in a specific pressure or temperature reading, the slider will give you instantaneous answer corresponding to your input.


  • Glossary containing almost 100 different refrigerants

  • Global warming potential (G.W.P) information

  • Ozone depleting potential (O.D.P) information

  • Navigation between the IPCC AR4 and AR5 values

  • The app is based on NIST Refrigerant Properties

  • Able to see bubble point and dew for refrigerants with glide

Refrigerant Slider screenshot


  • Average star rating of 4.5 on Android

  • "I am a technical instructor an ex vw mechanic. This app is excellent." - Pete Conci

Test & Balance / Commissioning — Cost: $9.99

Test & Balance / Commissionin logo

Download: iOS and Android

Primary use: Test & Balance / Commissioning is a troubleshooting mobile app that helps with pressure to temperature refrigerant conversions.

As an on-the-go HVAC technician, you need to be well equipped at any moment's notice with the necessary mathematical formulas and equations that pertain to pressure-to-temperature conversion.

How to use: Test & Balance / Commissioning easily and quickly allows the user to measure various HVAC calculations.


  • Find Cooling MBH Calculation.

  • Find Water MBH.

  • Find Sheave Change.

  • Find Heating MBH Calculation.

  • Find Humidification.

  • Find Traverse Points.

  • Find Psychrometric Properties.

Test & Balance / Commissionin


  • Average star rating of 5.0 on Android

  • "great app I have several others but this is by far the best one" -Greg Mullins

Staying ahead of the competition

The HVAC industry is in a rapid state of growth. With this, it's paramount that you utilize the various tools and apps at your disposal that will get you from one customer to another faster than your competitors all while still retaining the same level of quality that you've provided for years. Troubleshooting tools and mobile apps are only the tip of the iceberg. There are other tools ranging from educational apps to apps that help you grow your HVAC business. When you can equip you and your business with the best tools for growth, you'll keep your customers happy, comfortable and coming back for repeat business time and time again.

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