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The Best HVAC Load Calculation Apps to Make Sure You're Constantly Providing Top Quality To Your Customers

The Best HVAC Load Calculation Apps to Make Sure You're Constantly Providing Top Quality To Your Customers

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Posted by Kindra K.

April 23, 2019

HVAC Load Calculation Tools to Streamline Your Workflow

The job tasks, roles and responsibilities for an HVAC technician are numerous and demanding. From scheduling maintenance of all heating and cooling units and monitoring all air conditioning units to ensuring compliance for all safety regulations and preparing reports for any and all violations, performing the work of an HVAC technician can often times feel overwhelming.

The workload intensifies when considering the right fit for heating and cooling units in a customer's home or commercial building. In the past, an HVAC technician was charged with making a well-informed estimate on what type of utility was needed for proper cooling and heating. In order to deliver on a unit that could provide proper heating and cooling for a given building, HVAC businesses generally erred on the side of an oversized unit just in case. This was wasting both time and money.

Today, the HVAC industry is experiencing faster than average growth compared to other home services industries. The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that from 2016 to 2026 the industry is projected to grow by 15%. With this growth, the industry is going to see new HVAC businesses enter the marketplace as well as see existing businesses grow as a result of global climate change and a strong residential and commercial real estate sector.

For an HVAC professional like you, all of this means you're going to need to be able to deliver your quality of work to your customers faster and with the best precision possible. In order to do this at scale, you're going to need the help of the best HVAC apps in the marketplace. What are to follow in this article are the best HVAC load calculation and Manual J calculation apps that will help you deliver optimal service to your customers time and time again.

The HVAC Load Calculation Apps We Cover:

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HVAC Load Plus: Cost-- $24.99

HVAC Load Plus Logo

Download: iOS

Primary use: HVAC Load Plus will allow you to size cooling and heating units and show those results to the client. It will also email the data to your home office to analyze the information further for more insight. You'll be able to save time by inputting data into you mobile device, while in the field and returning to your office for a more thorough analysis.

How to use:

  1. Create and store an unlimited number of projects. You can copy existing projects to new projects for simple recycling of data

  2. Using a load calculator and report feature you can see a full breakdown of the cooling and heating load report. This report includes further breakdown by opaque load, skylight load, window load, ventilation load, infiltration load, and internal load contributions


  • 1000 plus global city climate database

  • Data for hundreds of different types of construction for roofs, floors, walls, doors, skylights, windows, ceilings, and much more

  • Create and save an unlimited number of jobs and projects. Copy existing projects to new projects for easy reuse of data

  • Specify an unlimited number of opaque types (floors, doors, roofs, walls, ceilings), skylight types, and window types for each project

  • View comprehensive heating and cooling load breakdown reports

  • Opaque inputs include opaque type, opaque construction number, dimensions, and opening areas

  • Skylight inputs include dimensions, skylight type, orientation, etc

  • Display an overarching HTML report that you can upload and share with your team.

  • Input your company information to display on the emailed report

  • Units displayed in either Standard or Metric

  • Equipment location services

HVAC Load Plus


  • Average star rating of 5.0

  • "I've been using this load calculator app for a couple weeks now, and my clients really like the reports it produces, especially the pie-charts. It has helped me close more business so I hope my competitors don't get a hold of it. My only wish is that you could customize some of the reports so I could email them directly to the client as opposed to emailing them to myself, modifying it, then emailing. Maybe next version. Great job." - Hvacguy100, 09/02/2010

Duct Calc Elite: Cost-- $6.99

Download: iOS and Android

Primary use: Duct Calc Elite is the app that will help optimize your customer's HVAC system. If a customer's ductwork is too small or too big, the entire system will work at a substandard efficiency. Duct Calc Elite will help you take into consideration square footage of the home, square footage of each individual room, cubic feet per minute, and the duct’s sizing friction loss rate thus providing an plan to achieve full heating and cooling efficiency.

How to use:

Duct Calt Elite is a simple and intuitive app to allows users to calculate duct size, velocity, pressure drop, and flow rate for ductwork.


  • Calculate duct dimensional units.

  • Calculate airflow units.

  • Measure velocity units.

  • Measure pressure loss unit.

  • Identify duct material type.

  • Calculate air temperature.

  • Calculate elevation.

  • In-app support

  • The Duct Calculator Elite™ solver uses friction loss equations contained in 2009 ASHRAE Handbook - Fundamentals.

Duct Calc Elite


  • Average star rating of 4.1 on Android

  • "Great app I had this on my iPhone for a few years and it was the best ductulator type app available. Glad they finally released the Android version." -Bff hog ya

Area Duct HVAC: Cost-- Free

Area Duct HVAC logo

Download: Android

Primary use: Area Duct HVAC is an app geared for HVAC technicians working on the job and for the installation of heating and cooling systems.

The app will allow  you to easily be able to identify and measure the area of air ducts.

How to use:

Upload and store your measurements and calculations into easy-to-access .CSV files and send the measurements to anyone in your team if further parts or labor is needed.


  • .CSV file uploads for easy access

  • Find and compare duct fitting (rectangular, round, rectangular elbow)

  • Fill in measurements of diameter and length of specified duct for perfect fitting

Area Duct HVAC


  • Average star rating of 4.4 on Android

  • "It's easy to use anytime" - Rob Targa

HVAC Duct Sizer: Cost-- $5.99

HVAC Duct Sizer logo

Download: iOS and Android

Primary use: HVAC Duct Sizer does one job to the best ability--sizing of ducts.

How to use:

  1. Calculate Size by Airflow: Choose the total airflow, either velocity of air or the friction loss per one hundred feet, and the aspect ratio. The calculation delivers both precise measurements and rounded measurements of width, height, and diameter dimensions.

  2. Calculate Size by Dimensions: You can calculate an existing duct system by entering in the present duct dimensions and either the airflow or velocity to arrive at the calculated duct friction loss.


  • Specify the total airflow in CFM (or L/s)

  • Analyze an existing duct system

  • Specify additional requirements for the duct shape (round, rectangular, or oval)

  • Specify duct material type (10+ duct material items)

  • Identify duct roughness

  • Map air temperature and pressure

  • Standard and metric measurements

  • Intuitive slide control allows the user to quickly increase or decrease the input values

HVAC Duct Sizer


  • Average star rating of 3.6 on Android

  • "Thanks for the changes I really like this app. The only thing that is inaccurate is velocity on Regtangular duct. Type in 12x12 and cfm should match fpm and it does not type in 24x6 and even worse. I think it calculates off of equivalent round instead of actual rectangular size thanks." - A Google User

Only the best quality for you and your customers

Your business is on the precipice of accelerated growth. The market is looking for more of what you can offer being an HVAC technician. In order to grow your customer base and keep your business at scale, you are going to need to be able to offer your services expediently while retaining the same level of quality and care. These load calculation apps will help you do just that.

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