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The HVAC Business Apps That Will Help You Stay Ahead of Your Competition

The HVAC Business Apps That Will Help You Stay Ahead of Your Competition

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Posted by Kindra K.

April 17, 2019

Stay Competitive With HVAC Business Apps

According to Statista the global market size of the heating and cooling industry was worth $178.34bn in 2018 and is expected to rise to $208.55bn by 2024. Furthermore, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that in the United States alone, 48,800 HVAC jobs are going to be added to the economy from 2016 to 2026. To put it simply, the business outlook for HVAC small business owners and technicians is favorable in today's economy.

If you're an HVAC small business owner reading this, you're seeing that there are opportunities for you to expand your business and capitalize on this industry growth spurt. While taking on new techs and expanding the vehicle fleet of your business might be a way to bring on more revenue, your margins aren't going to increase that much. You're going to need smarter ways of increasing your business so you can ultimately increase your profits. By using internet utilities and apps, you'll be able to employ free and low-cost tools that can help you scale your business, reach future customers, organize invoices and more. Here are the list of the best HVAC business apps you can download now.

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The HVAC Business Apps We Cover:

Housecall Pro: Cost-- Free Trial

Housecall Pro

Download: iOS and Android

Primary use: All-in-one management for your HVAC business

The Housecall Pro app is your comprehensive business aid. Serving as your centralized business hub, the app allows you to message clients when in route, dispatch team members to various jobs, allow customers to pay with their credit cards (and receive instant payments), and send automated email marketing content to past and future customers.

How to use:

The app has a user friendly dashboard that allows seamless navigation to and from different sections to help you carry out different HVAC tasks.

Housecall Pro App


  • Online Booking

  • Dispatch and scheduling

  • Custom invoicing

  • In person credit card payment

  • Instapay

  • Live map

  • Managing service agreements

  • QuickBooks Online integration

  • Automated marketing (email and postcard)

  • Real time Messaging to clients

  • Pay by credit card, cash, checks

  • Send jobs to employee calendars

  • Set and automate recurring jobs

  • Send notes and photos while on a job to keep customer and team updated

  • Simply send invoices via text

  • Sync data to secure cloud

  • Set employee permissions

Housecall Pro Reviews


  • Average star rating of 4.4 on iOS; 1604 reviews and 4.5 on Capterra

  • "If there was only 6 stars! I’ve been using mobile electronic invoicing since 2010. For years I looked for that leader in that industry and now I found them. I can’t say enough great things about this app and program. If I was allowed to give it 6 stars I wouldn’t think twice. The HCP team is dedicated to making this program a revolutionary game changer for small business. It has features that could only been imagined just few years ago. The customer service, all I can say is wow. These guys are serious about not only making their business successful but the customers too. And the community they have created is amazing, a group of driven entrepreneurs pushing forward to change business as we know it. Great job HouseCall Pro, now together let’s go change the business world!!!" - The Shine Brite Co.

Quickbooks Accounting: Invoicing & Expensing: Cost-- Free Trial

Quickbooks Accounting: Invoicing & Expensing logo

Download: iOS and Android

Primary use: Manage your expenses and cash flow, Create invoices, and view your profit and loss.

When you integrate Quickbooks Accounting into your business, you are streamlining and condensing all of your accounting into one place. From the app be able to track all of your expenses and see where your cash flow is coming from. Dozens of financial reports that are generated within the app will let you know the financial health of your business.

How to use:

The app is easy to navigate through the various sections so you can track your various accounting tasks.


  • Create invoices

  • Manage expenses

  • Track payments

  • Track sales

  • Examine profits and losses

  • Prepare tax forms

  • Add new customers in records

Quickbooks Accounting: Invoicing & Expensing


  • Average star rating of 4.3 on Android

  • "quickbooks makes my life so much easier for writing amd sending estimates and invoices. there are so many other things that quickbooks can do that im slowly learning. im writing so many estimates and getting so much work from easier estimate and invoice writing its really hard for me to get the time sit down amd learn everything else quickbooks has to offer." - Michael Presson

Mailchimp: Cost-- Free

Mailchimp logo

Download: iOS and Android

Primary use: email marketing

Mailchimp isn't just an email marketing utility; it's a second command center for your business. From campaign insights to integration with your social media accounts, get your content in front of the potential customers who are looking for it.

How to use:

There are many actions you can take with the mobile app that will help you expand the reach of who is getting your promotional content and who is acting on it. The dashboard allows you to navigate to lists, campaigns, and reports to help send and manage your promotional content.


  • Create and send emails

  • Start automations

  • Manage contacts

  • Track open rates

  • Segment lists for seasonal or specific area promotions

  • Tag subscribers who are more engaged and target them for further business

  • Integrate with other social media utilities

  • Expand on your email marketing knowledge by utilizing the "explore" tab which is full of educational content



  • Average star rating of 4.1 on Android

  • "MailChimp support team reached out right away after I commented that the app was crashing, see original post below. They fixed whatever problem I was having, and now the app works great! I've changed my review to reflect the great customer engagement and for fixing the problem. Thanks, MailChimp! Original review: "This app crashed within 15 seconds of use every time that I started to use it. Needless to say I uninstalled it immediately. If you fix the app, I'll reinstall it and use it." - Aaron Ryan

Asana: Organize tasks & work: Cost-- Free

asana logo

Download: iOS and Android

Primary use: Use Asana to quickly capture tasks, reminders, to-dos, and ideas.

With Asana, you have the ability to organize everything that needs to be done with your growing HVAC business. Manage your to-do list, organize and communicate with your team and keep ever tech on the same page with this app.

How to use:

Quickly update all of your work at a moment's notice. Sync Asana with your G Suite to get seamless integration with all of your tasks, calendar notifications, emails and projects.


  • Add a task for to-dos, reminders, and ideas

  • In "my tasks" view, let your team see all the to-dos for a given day

  • Create projects

  • Include due dates, details, and files to your tasks and include all necessary team members

  • Anyone on your team can comment on tasks from anywhere if clarification is needed



  • Average star rating of 4.4 on Android

  • "Wonderful when used properly. Getting teams up to speed on the app and following a consistent process is the most difficult and important task (thus the first task) you'll face. Integrations are abundant and essential." - Jeffrey Hinson

Helping you grow your business

The opportunity is ripe for you to grow your HVAC business and lead your competition in your area. The economy is in dire need of your heating and cooling services and these apps will help you offer the same (if not better) quality you've been able to provide for years at little or no added cost to you. Of course this is only the start for there are hundreds of apps and tools that can help you so you can keep doing what you do best--helping your customers.

Interested in an app that will do load calculations on the fly? Check our our list of the best HVAC load calculation apps.

Housecall Pro is rated the #1 software to run your HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Carpet Cleaning and other home service businesses. Our features allow you to schedule and dispatch jobs, get booked online, send invoice and receive payment within minutes whether if you are in the office or out in the field. This comprehensive software can help you grow revenue by 30% in one year and save up to 500 hours a year. Join all the other successful home service businesses who have already started and try Housecall Pro for 14 days free today.


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