Home Service Business Selling 101 | Coronavirus Update April 23

Home Service Business Selling 101 | Coronavirus Update April 23

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Posted by Ian H., President

April 24, 2020

April 23, 2020 quick update


Johns Hopkins CSSE dashboard

is reporting almost 2.7 million ases and over 188 thousand deaths globally. Over 700 thousand people have recovered.

In the US, cases are over 860,000 with almost 48 thousand deaths and nearly 80,000 recovered as of 2:41pm on April 22. 

Based on recent daily incidence trends, the United States could reach 1 million cases by the end of April and 50,000 deaths by April 24.

Notably today

, there is increasing evidence that the coronavirus spread earlier than originally thought.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom

has asked coroners to review California cases dating to December after autopsies revealed two people in the state died of coronavirus in early and mid-February -- up to three weeks before the first known US death from the virus.

In Indiana, too, officials are tracking cases going back to at least mid-February --- weeks before the state announced its first case in early March.

A model of the disease's spread by researchers at Northeastern University estimates that on March 1, while Americans were still focused on China, thousands of people in New York, San Francisco, Boston, Chicago and Seattle were silently infected with coronavirus, according to The New York Times.

And according to preliminary results described by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo today, one of every five New York City residents from random testing of 3,000 people tested positive for antibodies to the coronavirus. This suggests that the virus has spread far more widely than previously known.

The results found that 13.9% of people tested statewide and 21% of people tested in New York City had antibodies for the virus.


Earlier today, the US Department of Labor released

new information

relating to the impact of COVID-19 on the US workforce. This report indicated that more than 4.4 million individuals filed initial claims for unemployment. While this number is a decrease from the previous week, it brings the national


to approximately 26 million new claims over the last 5 weeks, roughly 7.8% of the

entire US population

(not just those of working age). 


The House today voted overwhelmingly to pass legislation providing roughly $484 billion in coronavirus relief for small businesses, hospitals and expanded medical testing, capping weeks of contentious negotiations that had stalled Washington’s latest round of emergency aid.

The legislation, which the Senate passed unanimously on Tuesday, now goes to the desk of President Trump, who has promised to sign it quickly into law.

The massive package is the fourth coronavirus bill to move through Congress over the last seven weeks, and brings the federal response to the global pandemic up to a whopping $2.8 trillion — by far the largest emergency relief effort in modern U.S. history. 

April 23 Topic: Selling 101 with Brooks, Jenelle, and Victor Rancour 

Read a full article and learn how to

set up a sales funnel for your home service business

Special Guest: Victor Rancour

  • Owner of Absolute Airflow-Plumbing heating and air in Orange County 

  • Owner of Service Hero marketing 

  • Airtime-500 top selling tech in the country 

  • Featured on HVAC uncensored podcast

  • Featured 3 times on HvaC masters of the hustle podcast 

  • Voted top 40 under 40 HvaC contractor 

What is Sales About

  • Selling terrifies people and the reason why is that you have to stand in the face of no all day long.

  • Humans don't like rejection 

  • The secret to learning to sell is about overcoming fear and finding the passion in what you are selling

Selling is a Muscle You have to Build

  • You have to practice all the time 

  • You're going to get bored with what you're selling sometimes

  • You'll get tired of hearing your own voice.

  • it's really important to not be scared to change it up

  • Listen to yourself, watch yourself on video or on the phone, record yourself

  • You have to get past not liking to hear yourself or to see yourself, because it is how you practice on your own and become a better salesperson

Step 1: Know Your Customer

  • You need to understand your customer first and foremost

  • You just have to never stop asking questions. 

  • When Jeneller demoed Housecall Pro for Victor in the beginning, he even asked if she could skip the questions and just get to the product. And she told him, no, they are very important because she needed to understand him and how his business was running, what bottlenecks he was coming across, how many employees he had.

  • You just naturally have to be curious to understand who your customer is and then once you understand or you feel like you understand who your customers are, then it's really time to think about how you're going to talk to them. 

  • It's not one of those things where you just walk up and you wing it. You have to be prepared. 

Step 2: Create a Script

  • Once you've got a basic framework of what you want to say, you have to practice out loud and refine your script

  • Practice it and then you'll hear how it sounds and you'll probably make some changes

  • Then, practice in front of a mirror or record a video of yourself so that you can see your body language 

  • Once you have your script created, share it with your team

  • Inserting a script is a very tough idea for a salesperson to digest because we like to think that we have an artistry to our sale and that we are going to have our own little touches and our personality should shine through. These are some of the things that you're going to hear from your people when you implement a script. So just be prepared for that 

  • Science is better than art here, and you need to know exactly what the process that you want to use is and what you're going to say

  • It doesn't mean that it stays that way forever. You're constantly testing to improve it. Like you're just trying to think about how to go from a 300 batting average to a 500 batting average

  • PRO TIP: Get the customer talking more than you're talking in the first few minutes. If they can hear their own voice, they're going to like you that much more. 

Step 3: Constantly Improve your Script

  • Your sales pitch should be totally different today than it was two months ago

  • Always measure your results and track them

  • Mark your calendar when you started a new script and track your results using it for 2-4 weeks. And then when you make an adjustment do the same thing again and look back to see what you did that worked. 

  • You have to embrace the idea that sales is peaks and valleys.. So when you do get to those valleys, that's when to start to change it up. Because just as quickly or as low as that Valley is, as soon as you find a little nugget and you hear it in the customer's voice or you can feel it, you grasp onto that and you start climbing your way out and you just keep finding those little bits, but you have to pay attention to what you're doing to know why you may be in a Valley or what you need to change up. 

  • PRO TIP: In sales is all about confidence. So the more that you practice, the more confident you get with it and then it just becomes second nature. So I promise in the beginning it will feel really weird and awkward and you'll probably want to close your eyes and just not look at yourself, but build that confidence with yourself and you'll start to stand a little different and you approach customers differently and your tone of voice is different. 

Sales Psychology

  • You must instill the idea that your company is the best into the mindsets of all employees so that when they go to a customer’s house they walk in knowing that you are the best and every day practice this role playing because your company is the best. 

  • Without sales, you can't grow and scale a business

  • Understand that your service or your product is so valuable and embrace that and know that and understand that you're helping people. And that means something. 

  • Sometimes it can be a little scary asking for or selling the higher package or a higher item or product, but just have the confidence and really work that into your confidence that you have a valuable product 

  • If you believe you're the best, the customer's gonna believe you're the best and you have to communicate it

Top Tips

  • As a business owner, you have to put every possible tool in front of your employee to make that deal that day and at the highest possible price you can so you can stay in business

  • Find a mentor who does it better than you and just put your pride aside, which is hard. And just ask them a ton of questions.

  • You don't need to write the playbook yourself. All you need to do is go be around someone that's already developed a playbook that's great and then model after that behavior.

  • Embrace a learning mindset and keep learning about your craft and how to be a better salesperson

Q&A From the Audience

  • Do you have any tips specific to phone sales?

    • I think one of the best tips that I got was to slow down. When you're on the phone, you tend to run your words together and maybe you're not speaking as clearly. So make sure that you pause, you give people a chance to digest the information you just gave them and then go ahead 

    • Your tone has to be even more exaggerated when you're excited or when you want to talk quiet, because it doesn't come across cause they can't see you doing all of this, So your voice really has to have range in it to where you can change up your tone and make them feel that over the phone.

    • Stop talking about what you're selling. Don't be afraid to talk to your customer and have a natural conversation before you even bring up what you’re selling

  • What's the process to build a script? Where do I start? How do I actually start to build a script for my company?

    • First thing you do is figure out what your end goal is and you have to reverse engineer it. What makes someone want to buy your product? It really starts with figuring out where your product is, what's your bread and butter, and breaking down exactly the objections that they could possibly have

    • Jenelle tends to think less about the product in the beginning and more about how she wants them to react to her. People buy from people. So how do I want them to react and how do I want them to feel at the end of this with me? And then that will give you kind of like your, your tone or how you want to say certain words or you know, whatever that is. Because you will leave an impression it's going to be good or it's going to be bad. You have the choice. So you really have to decide what do you want that customer to feel or to how do you want them to feel about you, interpret you and then work back from there. 

    • Speaker 5: (



    • And you might have a couple of different scripts, right? You might have a really technical script because you have a really technical customer who's all about data and he's going to stand over you and watch you, you know, install whatever you're in selling, wants to know every little bit. And then you might just have a customer who, you know, wants to just chat and tell you about their dog and their vacation in that. So you have, you know, more a, of a script for that.

  • Any advice on closing, we lack at closing and we don't close at all in person?

    • If you're worried about or if you're only starting to think about the close at the end, you've already done it wrong. The close starts two minutes after you walk in that door, right? I mean, you have that very short amount of time when you get there to establish a relationship, even if it's over video, whatever that is, that's when the close happens. Or generally when I hear people saying, I can't close, I can't close. How do I close? You're putting too much pressure on that end result when really you should be thinking about more of the process and how to get there. 

    • You get to a place that you've created and established a relationship with them and that's when the close happens, I promise you. So try to stop putting so much pressure or emphasis on the end of the call and focus all of your attention up front. Think of that first 10 minutes that you walk into a customer's house and put everything you have into that 10 minutes and I bet you the results at the end will follow.

    • There's a reason for a script and that's because every spot along the way, everything that comes out of my mouth is leading to where I want to go. It's leading to the close by saying, Hey, you know, this is why we do this this way, etcetera and then by the time I'm the end, they know I'm not going to be the cheapest because there's no possible way to be as good as I am, as thorough as I am and be the cheapest. 

    • if you're going to somebody's home or a phone base call, they're worried about being closed. Like everyone has a used car salesman mindset haunting them on the back of their mind. Brooks likes to get that pressure out of the way right up front and declare that. “I'm going to ask you for your business at the end of this call and hopefully I've shared so much information with you. It's an easy conclusion for you to make” It gives them permission to focus on everything you say after that versus there's a lot of customers who will be distracted by the fear or the tension of that closing process, but they won't listen to a damn thing you're saying. 

  • Is it better to write the estimate in front of the customer or in the truck right away? What's your guys's viewpoints on this? 

    • Victor: I lead with the small thing first and see if they're interested. If they are scared of the small part I will lead up to the bigger part of the job, but I do it all in front of them.

    • Speaker 5: (



    • You want to strike while the iron is hot. You've done the work to build all this value and create this relationship, and that's why building them an estimate or a proposal there while you've just done that thing with that customer and you have that rapport line open, that's the best time to build that. When you do this later you are building physical and mental space between you and the customer and it just gets further and further away and your chances of selling or closing the deal go way down. 

  • How would each of you recommend just starting to try to find a mentor? 

    • Victor: Social Media- there are a lot of private groups for your trade and ask questions, put yourself out there and ask questions to learn from others what works or doesn’t. 

    • Jenelle: Housecall Pro Facebook Groups and ask for help because someone there may know someone who can help you. Read books and listen to podcasts and when you find someone you like read more from them. Mentors don’t always have to be someone in the same position as you or someone you personally know. 

  • Book Recommendations?

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