How to Go Live on Facebook | Coronavirus Update April 15

How to Go Live on Facebook | Coronavirus Update April 15

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Posted by Ian H., President

April 16, 2020

Service companies are the backbone of the economy and Housecall Pro is committed to doing everything we can to help during the Coronavirus pandemic. 

I hope you find the resources below helpful. Please share this email with other home services companies. 


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April 15, 2020 quick update

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Johns Hopkins CSSE dashboard

is reporting 2,056,055 global cases and 134,178 deaths as of 4:32 pm pacific on April 15.

US cases are now at 636,350 and 27,940 deaths as of 4:32 pm pacific on April 15.


Back at home,

President Trump said today

in the White House Rose Garden at the daily coronavirus task force briefing that "The data suggests that nationwide, we have passed the peak of new cases.”

Trump said that more than 3 million tests for COVID-19 had been completed and that researchers were on the verge of delivering an antibody test to determine whether a person has previously been infected with the virus.

He also said that tomorrow he would announce guidelines on reopening some states ahead of May 1. "These developments have put us in a strong position to finalize guidelines for states reopening," he said.



Finally, some good news on ventilators, the US Department of Health and Human Services announced that it finalized

contracts with several companies to produce mechanical ventilators

. Combined with previous federal ventilator contracts, US companies have committed to producing 6,190 ventilators by May 8; 29,510 by June 1; and 137,431 by the end of 2020. These units will be allocated to the Strategic National Stockpile which will then distribute them to support state-level responses. 

President Trump also showed a video at the white house press briefing showing General Motors standing up a facility to produce its first ventilar in just 11 days.




Globally, a number of countries around the world have implemented

border and travel restrictions

in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, including at the US-Canadian border. In Europe, some border crossings have been closed entirely, and others are enforcing restrictions on non-essential travel. In many places, particularly cities near national borders, workers that used to cross the border daily for their jobs, are finding the journey difficult or even impossible under the new restrictions. 


Singapore enhanced its ongoing

community-level physical distancing by announcing that mask use will now be mandatory in public spaces. The country, known for strict laws and fines, has deployed 3,000 enforcement officers from dozens of government agencies to monitor for compliance. 

April 15 Topic: Facebook 101

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Read a step-by-step guide on how to go live on Facebook and tips on gaining viewers



Difference Between Personal & Business Facebook Page

  • Your personal Facebook profile allows you to control different pages that you can create from within that account

  • Create a business page for your company which focuses on your core values, company mission, and everything that you represent as a business

  • Create a personal page to promote your business page. This should represent your authentic self with a less professional voice

  • Talk to yourself to drive engagement with your business page by using your personal page to interact with your business page

  • Lots of groups on Facebook only allow a personal page not a business page, which is why you need to have both

Business Facebook Page

  • Shops - this is a great place to link different things like gift cards

  • Pinning - pin important updates on you page so that they sat at the top and don’t get lost

    • PRO TIP: pin a post about how your techs and company are handling safety precautions amidst Coronavirus

  • Boost Posts - boosting your posts basically means that you can pay some money to get a lot more people to see it and without too much money you could get a really large reach.

  • Facebook Ads - When you actually want to drive people to like a lead page or a lead form capture or a landing page, you want to make sure you're actually using the ads that are native to Facebook to go do that.

  • If you're looking to get a lot of views or likes really cheaply, you could set your target audience for a country that's like in the middle East or somewhere in the middle of nowhere. And by doing that, you'll be able to get an audience that no one else is paying for views. So they're not necessarily gonna be your customers, but it could be a way for you to get, you know, a few thousand views on a video that you posted or a few hundred likes.

  • Remember to do Facebook like posts. You want to make sure people are liking your page, not just a piece of content, but they're liking your page. You can also drive a lot of business likes that way. 

  • Most advertising is based upon where people are liking your business from. So if you're not careful in the way that you're running ads, you'll have to make sure to exclude irrelevant regions and you don't run ads without geolocation turned on. So if you do that, be careful but you can get a lot of cheap likes that way.

What type of posts should you boost?

  • It all depends on your brand

  • To start, boost things that are engaging and remember that people like to see people

  • Things that are trending for a while are before and after photos and a timelapse video of a job

  • Remember that people on Facebook are just scrolling through, they aren’t looking for your business so it needs to be something that will catch their eye as they scroll through their feed

  • If you do a post that is getting more engagement this is a good one to then boost

  • Video performs better than photos so if you get a chance to do a video with you talking to your customers that will likely do well

  • Facebook will alert you when you have content that is more engaging and suggest you boost it but if you get that notification, act fast because otherwise you will experience decay

Business Facebook Page Audit

  • We audited three Facebook business pages from pros watching live

  • When watching the recorded video the live audit starts at 21:59

  • Key takeaways

    • Make it easy for customers to know if you are open for business right now

    • All photos and graphics should be high resolution

    • Use

      Canva templates that we created

      as banner and post images designed to catch the eye

    • Send a message and book online buttons should both be on your page

    • Fully fill out the about us page and the faces behind the business and keep it short and digestible to make it high impact

    • Never include url links on posts- instead add to the photos because Facebook wants users to stay on Facebook

  • Set up your Facebook Custom URL to make it easy for customers to share your page

  • If you have a mailing list with COnstant COntact add that to you page and make the call to action catchy like get $50 off your next service call or 10% off your new install etc and then have the first email to them be that discount code

  • Include pictures or videos on posts to make them easily scannable to hook your customer and then they will read it

  • Reply to comments on your posts

  • Your logo should not be your page header- customers don’t care about your logo, you do. This is valuable real estate and you need to use it smartly.

  • Post consistently and utilize the scheduling feature to schedule posts out for the next few weeks

  • Invite people to like your page- use your personal page to invite friends to like your pages

How to do an amazing Facebook Live


Tell your Customers When You’re Going Live

  • Earlier in the day, create a post letting your customers know you’ll be going live and what you’ll be talking about. This helps spur interest. If you’re going to talk about something educational, let people ask questions beforehand so you know what you should cover.

Don’t go Live Without a Good Reason

  • Wait for a great reason to go live, like showing off a big job or a great educational idea, and make sure it’s entertaining. A good rule of thumb is to not go live unless you’d watch it yourself.

Ideal Descriptions Are Catchy and Include a Call-to-Action

  • People will read the description of your live broadcast to see if it interests them before tuning in. Words like “sneak peek” or “inside scoop” grab people’s interest. Make sure to check your spelling before you go live.

Doublecheck All of Your Mechanics

  • For instance, make sure you’re in a quiet place away from distractions. Make sure you’re filming horizontally so that your picture fills the whole screen. Make sure you have a good connection. Make sure you’re filming with the light on you so that people can see you.

Consider Streaming on Both Facebook and Instagram

  • When you get comfortable with going live, consider doubling your exposure with Instagram. Check out these options for how to stream live on Instagram and Facebook at the same time.


Acknowledge your Audience

  • The point of live videos is that you’re in it with your audience! Be personal and interact with them. Wait for people to tune in before you launch into your topic, and say hello to them as they join you. Encourage them to leave comments and ask questions.

Go Live for at Least 10 Minutes

  • Live feeds are more effective for longer material. In fact, the max is four hours!  While we’re not recommending you try for that, the rule of thumb is to shoot for at least ten minutes. People want to tune in and get real value out of the stream, and the longer you’re online, the more discoverable your stream is to your audience.

Provide Context Throughout

  • Remember people will join in the middle and not know what’s going on. A best practice is to remind people throughout what you’re talking about. You can even reintroduce yourself in the middle of your video.


  • Even if it feels fake, your audience will respond better to a friendly face. Remind yourself to smile. This is where the test broadcast can come in helpful.  If it’s not natural to smile on camera, you can always practice!

Be Mindful of Your Filler Words

  • Words like “umm” and “like,” take up space and can make you seem nervous or less professional. Once again, this is just something to practice. No-one is expecting you to be the perfect speech-giver, but...

Give an Actionable Sign Off

  • Leave your audience with something they can do. It doesn’t have to be sales-oriented. If your Facebook Live event is educational, offer a quick tip at the end of something they can easily accomplish or ask them to leave comments on the post. Offer them a discount if they like a share the video, then follow-up via Facebook Messenger.


Respond to Comments

  • Your live broadcast can be saved and shared on your page. Respond to comments to maximize the reach of the post and keep customers engaged.

Watch the Video and See What You Can Do Better

  • Watching yourself can be uncomfortable, but it’s an opportunity to see what you can improve on, such as what filler words you use, whether you stop smiling, or if people are asking questions that you’re missing.

Remember to Have Fun

  • This is a chance to connect with your customers and show off your business, your team, and your expertise. You love what you do, now you have a new way to share your pride and passion with your community.

Roland’s Formula for Engaging Facebook Posts

  • Post about stuff that matters

  • Use emojis

    • Regardless of how you feel about them, most people like seeing these especially when fun and attention grabbing

  • Start with an attention grabber

    • Promote curiosity and don’t give it all away in the first two sentences

  • Break up your sentences into segments and utilize bold and regular fonts to be more eye-catching and make it look different

    • Most people do not do this to their posts and yours wills tand out

    • Not everyone has access to these tools within Facebook so if you don’t segment with indents and emojis

  • Watch the length and keep it easily digestible

  • Never link pictures from other sites, upload them directly to Facebook

    • Facebook technically owns all images on Facebook and this is in line with their terms of service

  • Always end with a call to action to engage with the post

    • Ask for a comment or a GIF 

    • The more people that comment and engage with the post the more Facebook will show it to more people

  • Make it sound like you

  • Edit your posts to keep them relevant and combat Facebook decay

  • Remember that this will not happen overnight you also need to be engaging with other people’s posts so that they will engage with yours


(Watch this section on YouTube



Where can I go for help with my logo?

What is Vector format for my logo?

  • Vector format allows your logo to be blown up to the size of a billboard. So what vector means is your logo is a set of equations to the computer. So you can make it as big or as small as you need. 

  • Something like a JPEG or GIF or a PNG if they're not big enough then what ends up happening is you start seeing those fuzzy pixels. And so you'll see that from time to time on logos and you're like, huh, it's kinda hard to read. These are called raster images.

  • You want your logo in a vector file. Those typically come in the form of a .AI or .EPS file

What should Pros be thinking about when to use Facebook versus Instagram?

  • Facebook owns Instagram so its easy to post in one platform and syndicate it to the other

  • Utilize this since it will save you from having to create content and utilize what you have

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